World’s smartest economists at Cancun summit sign petitions to ban H20, punish US populace

In a prank that demonstrated that attendees at the Cancun climate summit, the cream of the crop of the world-wide environmental science movement, are both vicious and dumb as a box of rocks, they eagerly signed petitions to ban di-hydrogen monoxide (water) and hack away 6% of the US economy with punitive tariffs.

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In a Penn & Teller-style prank, CFACT asked attendees of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Cancun, Mexico, to sign two different petitions. The first asked participants to support the purposeful destabilization of the United States economy:

And to prove that some people will sign anything that has the right buzz words — think “global effort,“ ”international community,“ and ”planetary” — COP 16 participants were asked to sign in support of a ban on a dangerous chemical compound: water.

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Republicans Must Not Let Democrats Choose Which Republican Candidates to Run

This was the problem with the 2008 Presidential election, where the Democrat among the Republican candidates won the nomination. Yes, Johnny McMaverick was a Democrat. He even admitted that the press (which runs 95% registered Democrat) was his base, threw away his campaign when he decided to quit campaigning and rush to Washington to pass the ill-considered and disastrous TARP, and endorsed Obama in the final debate. McMaverick’s problem, when it came to getting press support, was that he was an old fashioned American Democrat running against an International Socialist Democrat, when the press really wanted the socialist to win (so their bankrupt employers could be nationalized and turned into state owned Pravda and Izvestia clones).

The Other McCain has a more measured approach on the issue than I can muster at this time. However, I would add one thing. If the Republican Party does not institute closed primaries the McMaverick disaster will happen again.

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The GIGO principle (Garbage In, Garbage Out) is as applicable to political discourse as to any other information system. If you let liberals like Chait tell you which Republican candidates you should support, you will never support any Republican candidate — except in a GOP primary, when liberals will invariably tell you to support the most liberal candidate on the ballot. As soon as the primary is over, however, your liberal friends will then return to their usual arguments of why you should vote Democrat. Sic semper hoc.

Chait and his friends are trying to do what liberals in the media always do, shape Conventional Wisdom to their own advantage.

“Sharron Angle Can’t Win” is the Meme-O’-Th’-Day, and liberals are going to pound it as hard and as long as they can. Why? Because they know that a lot of Republicans base their political decisions on Conventional Wisdom so that, by promoting this Angle-Is-Doomed message, liberals will erode support for Harry Reid’s opponent — especially from the Dumb and Rich Coalition who comprise the GOP’s big-money donors.

Sharron Angle can win, and should win, and will win, so long as the conservative grassroots don’t allow themselves to be bamboozled into believing the liberal Conventional Wisdom.