Jackson County MS – Qualifying County Candidates for 2008 Election

Since the local newspapers don’t seem to give a toot about informing we the Mississippi voters who is running for office in our area, we bloggers will have to do the work. The Qualifying Candidates in Jackson County MS for the 2008 Election are:

As of deadline: 3-1-07 5:00 p.m. 

Sheriff 1-2-07 Republican Mike Byrd 1-2-07 Republican Jeff Barnes 2-23-07 Democrat Jerry C. Watson 3-1-07 Democrat Walter ‘Beau’ Bohl Chancery Clerk 1-2-07 Republican Terry Miller 1-2-07 Republican Bebe A. Sutherland Circuit Clerk 1-2-07 Democrat Joe W. Martin, Jr. Tax Assessor 1-3-07 Republican Luther B. ‘Benny’ Goff, Jr. 3-1-07 Democrat Wanda Williams Tax Collector 1-2-07 Republican Joseph ‘Joe’ Tucker 1-2-07 Republican Susan Powell 2-23-07 Republican Jim Sukiennik 2-28-07 Republican Kenneth D. McKeown 3-1-07 Republican Mary Ann Fontenot County Prosecuting Attorney 1-4-07 Democrat Mark H. Watts 3-1-07 Democrat Wanda Williams Jackson County Superintendent of Education 1-12-07 Democrat Jerry ‘J.J.’ Morgan 1-18-07 Republican Barry Amacker 1-18-07 Republican Dino Ray Vecchio 2-07-07 Withdrawn 2-13-07 Democrat Carl Pearce Member, Board of Supervisors - District #1 1-2-07 Republican Manly Barton 1-4-07 Democrat Gary Bell 1-15-07 Democrat Larry D. Wilkerson 2-26-07 Democrat Kenny Wells Member, Board of Supervisors - District #2 1-4-07 Democrat Robert R. Norvel, Sr. 2-22-07 Democrat Melton Harris, Jr. 3-1-07 Democrat Bennie E. McLaughlin Member, Board of Supervisors - District #3 1-2-07 Republican Mike Mangum 1-3-07 Republican Nicholas ‘Nick’ L. Richards 1-18-07 Independent Michael C. Majure Member, Board of Supervisors - District #4 1-8-07 Republican Fred ‘Chic’ Cody 1-17-07 Republican Tommy Brodnax 2-8-07 Republican Franklin E. ‘Frank’ Leach 2-13-07 Republican Terry L. Armstrong 2-23-07 Republican Stacy J. Carmichael 2-27-07 Democrat James ‘Ralph’ Cruthirds 3-1-07 Republican Charles A. Seymour 3-1-07 Republican Rick Barlow Member, Board of Supervisors - District #5 1-2-07 Republican John McKay Surveyor 2-27-07 Republican Thomas ‘Mike’ Vickery 2-28-07 Republican Lloyd ‘Jim’ Achee, Jr. Coroner 1-2-07 Republican Vicki L. Broadus Justice Court Judge - District #1 1-2-07 Republican Cecil E. Byrd, Jr. 1-29-07 Republican Jackie England Switzer Justice Court Judge - District #2 1-2-07 Democrat Ennis Millender, Sr. Justice Court Judge - District #3 1-2-07 Republican Jason Thornton Justice Court Judge - District #4 1-3-07 Republican David McVeay 2-27-07 Republican Michael “Santo” Santobianco 2-28-07 Democrat Bill Kulick 2-28-07 Independent Samuel L. ‘Sam’ Tucker, Sr. Constable - District #1 1-2-07 Republican Ty Thompson 1-24-07 Democrat Archie Fairley Constable - District #2 1-2-07 Democrat Donald E. Moffett 1-4-07 Democrat Calvin W. Hutchins 1-9-07 Democrat Jerry Bridges 2-1-07 Democrat Freddie J. Vaughans Constable - District #3 1-4-07 Republican K. Shane Langfitt 2-23-07 Democrat Shawn M. Senseney 2-27-07 Republican David Cole, 8402 Autumn Ridge Dr. Constable - District #4 1-3-07 Republican L. Claire Inabinette 1-3-07 Republican Robert L. Anderson

More later when I do a little googling.

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