Green Jobs stink for everyone

And I’m not talking about the porta-potties in your backyard or composting toilets they want to install under your bathroom. Green jobs are poorly defined, cost more money to consumers, give poverty level employment to employees, and are in general a giant step backwards to the bad old days before antibiotics, electricity, telephones, and the internal combustion engine.

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Myth 1: Everyone understands what a “green job: is.
Fact 1: No standard definition of a “green job” is set.

Myth 3: Green jobs forecasts are reliable.
Fact 3: The green jobs studies estimates using poor economic models based on uncertain assumptions.

Myth 5: The world economy can be remade by reducing trade and relying on local production and reduced consumption without dramatically decreasing out standard of living.
Fact 5: Learning from the past; history shoes that individual nations cannot product everything their people want or need. Every country possesses different talents that allow specialization in products and services which in turn lowers costs for producers and makes them more efficient.