Media Bias, What Media Bias?

Andrew Malcolm comes out with a hilariously sarcastic reaction to the new Gallup Poll that shows that Americans, other than those who are ideologically aligned with the media itself, believe the media is biased and fundamentally dishonest because of its bias. Even if you disagree with my take on it, read it anyway for a masterpiece of sarcasm.

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According to that fringe polling outfit named Gallup, a record 57% of Americans profess little or no trust in this country’s mass media to report the news fairly and accurately.Democrat president Barack Obama stuffing his face with a cheesesteak

What a crock!

They could have put it another way: An amazing more than four out of 10 Americans (43%) may perhaps believe most everything they read in the news or see on television.

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Democrat vice president Joe Biden talking again

As if there’s any difference between the two, Gallup reports, “Democrats and liberals remain far more likely than other political and ideological groups to trust the media and to perceive no bias.”

Interestingly, the same belief in the media’s credibility holds true for lower-income Americans and those with less education, the poll finds.

While the more affluent and better-educated citizens tend to perceive more bias in the media, as if being well-educated counted for anything in perspicacity.