Interesting Articles from the Interwebz: 1 Mar 2010

The Captain’s Journal, The Media, the New Media, and U. S. Intelligence

  • Takeaway: DoD Intelligence is finally recognizing the usefulness of open source intelligence and accurate history as practiced by bloggers sitting in basements, and as compared with the relative uselessness of politicized intelligence coming from the official US intelligence community.

Shannon Love at Chicago Boyz, Why Alternative Power is and will Remain Useless

  • Quote: There exists no alternative energy source, no combination of alternative energy sources, and no system of combinations of alternative energy sources that can fully replace a single, coal fired electric plant built with 1930s era technology.

Shannon Love at Chicago Boyz, Does the President actually understand the Concept of Insurance?

  • Quote: Liability insurance pays for the damage that you might do to the property and lives of others. Comprehensive pays to repair the damage to your own car. The law requires that you protect the rights of others, it doesn’t require that pay for your own car in any particular way. Everybody knows this.
  • Takeaway: Everybody except Obama.

Gateway Pundit, Upward Bound is Down… Radical Sexual Indoctrination of Kids is In

  • Upward Bound, which has a 95% rate of rehabilitating at-risk youth and getting them to graduate from four-year colleges, is being cut. Funding to teach fisting in schools is being increased.
  • Takeaway: Jennings and GLSEN want homosexual, bisexual and transgender themes taught in every subject at every grade, all the way down to the kindergarten level, maybe even preschool.

Gateway Pundit, 12th Imam Appears, gets arrested by Iranian Regime

  • On Friday during the local Friday sermon, in the southern Iranian city of Bandar Abbass, a young man presented himself as the Mahdi and claimed to have been sent by God to bring enlightenment and blessings to people. Soon after this however he was arrested by agents of the revolutionary guards.

Belmont Club, Masters of the Unvierse

  • Are interstellar aliens likely to be peacemongering progressives, or somewhat more ruthless?

Robert LeFevre at, The Birth of a Man

  • Takeaway: What is needed is a Declaration of Individual Independence

Liz Blaine at Newsreal, How to Beat Leftists and Astroturfers

  • While lurking the web I ran across a set of videos that fall into the “must view” category for conservatives this year. Recorded during Conservative New Media’s workshop the videos focus on tactics used by leftists and astroturfers during the 2008 primaries and election, and methods to defeat them.

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Interesting Articles from the Interwebz for 12/16/09

"The science is settled. Karl Marx's tomb is the center about which the sky revolves."

Climate Change is Natural: 100 Reasons Why, by the Daily Express

1) There is “no real scientific proof” that the current warming is caused by the rise of greenhouse gases from man’s activity.

2) Man-made carbon dioxide emissions throughout human history constitute less than 0.00022 percent of the total naturally emitted from the mantle of the earth during geological history.

3) Warmer periods of the Earth’s history came around 800 years before rises in CO2 levels.

4) After World War II, there was a huge surge in recorded CO2 emissions but global temperatures fell for four decades after 1940.

5) Throughout the Earth’s history, temperatures have often been warmer than now and CO2 levels have often been higher – more than ten times as high.

Yes, there is Santa, by Michael Graham

I’ve never understood the discomfort Massachusetts liberals have with public celebrations of Christmas. After all, it’s the season of believing, and let’s face it: Liberals will believe anything.

If you thought the “fire never melted steel” crowd was nuts, check out the new study from the bipartisan Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. They find that liberals and Democrats are far more likely to believe in ghosts, psychic powers and astrology than their conservative/Republican counterparts. About 50 percent more Democrats than Republicans say they have spoken to the dead.

Or as it’s known at Democratic Party headquarters, “voter outreach.”

Taking Over the GOP Consists of Only One Step, by Vassar Bushmills

For you one-issue conservatives, whether your cause is school prayer, abortion, immigration, low taxes, without the Constitution you’re skating on thin ice. You only have a political issue. You have no universal high ground. You have no territory.

Split hairs later. Make the Constitution your universal watchword. Your ralling cry. Your standard. Your battle cry.

Do that one thing, and you will regain the Republican Party.

Civility and the Rules of Engagement, by Bernie Chumm

The Left uses the internet as a tool, as ammunition. The Right seems to use it as sanctum sanctorum, an escape from the rudities and crudities of the political world. I can’t help but believe this latter condition is caused from a nearsightedness that is damned near narcissistic in nature.

So, we like trolls, opposite minded people sneaking into a site and stirring up a ruckus…inasmuch as we think our side would be better at trolling than the Left. If armed with the facts, a keener wit, etc why not invade the bastions of Mordor under the shadow of darkness?

You see, our purposes would be different than the Left’s.

Massachussetts teacher confirms Jennings controlled material at “fisting” conference, by Ed Morrissey

I’m repeatedly struck by the childish presentation of this material, which shows that it’s obviously intended for adolescents by its presenters.  “How safe is dat“?  “Hooking up”?  The repeatedly dropped “g” on the gerunds?  The 1950s style cartoons of the doctors?  It’s almost embarrassingly patronizing for an age set that should be more focused on learning the basics, rather than getting indoctrinated into the outliers of sexual activities by cartoon characters.

Anyone who thought this material was appropriate for 14-year-olds shouldn’t be within 500 yards of a school, and as a choice for “safe schools” czar is as much a cartoon as the doctor on this handout.

Update: Shorter Media Matters — “Yes, Jennings was there, yes he gave the keynote speech, and yes, he was in charge of the group that staged this conference — but how dare you insinuate that he approved of it!” Noted.

Bill of Rights Day, by Tim Lynch

Since today is Bill of Rights Day, it seems like an appropriate time to pause and consider the condition of the safeguards set forth in our fundamental legal charter.

Let’s consider each amendment in turn.

The First Amendment says that Congress “shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.” Government officials, however, insist that they can make it a crime to mention the name of a political candidate in an ad in the weeks preceding an election. They also insist upon gag orders in thousands of federal investigations.

Civis Romanus Sum, by Richard Fernandez

Protection (and my understanding of the term is doubtless imperfect as a layman) is apparently a legal theory in which the legal rights of the defendant vary according to the degree of his allegiance to the country he sets himself against. Professor Hamburger writes:

This Article explains the principle of protection and its implications for terrorism. Under the principle of protection, as understood in early American law, allegiance and protection were reciprocal. As a result, a person without allegiance was without protection, including the protection of the law. Not owing allegiance, such a person had no obligation to obey American law; moreover, not having protection, he had no rights under such law. This was the principle on which early American law dealt with enemy aliens and other persons who did not owe allegiance, including those who today would be called “terrorists.”

The early Americans had to solve actual problems involving foreign nationals “privately at war” with the United Status. Hamburger explains:

Imagine that Middle Easterners of dubious intent turned up in Virginia in 1785: What would the Founders have done? Would they have detained them without trial? Would they have interrogated them without allowing them access to lawyers? Would they have denied them habeas corpus? Would they have denied them habeas even if they were held within the United States? Would they have taken these measures against them even if they were acting on behalf of a nonsovereign power? And on what principle could the Founders have done all of this without violating the law? Astonishingly, the answers need not be hypothetical, for “Algerians” were in Virginia in 1785.

Its an interesting thesis, which runs counter to the modern tendency to diminish the difference between citizens and noncitizens before the law.

Iranian official says 70 percent of university students against Ahmadinejad, by Asia News

Even before last 7 December celebration of Student Day, Ahmadinejad supporters were unable to hold rallies on campuses. Their speeches were drowned out by other students shouting.In order to put a stop to the unrest, Mohammad Mohammadian wants “firmer confrontation” against professors and students guilty of weakening the regime.

Speaking at the 62nd annual conference of university chiefs, he sounded the alarm bell. According to the existing data, “70 per cent of students would vote against Ahmadinejad,” he said.

Recent protests are thus but the tip of the iceberg of widespread dissatisfaction. Government officials have lost control on many campuses; universities in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Hamedan, just to name a few, have been hit by the “green tsunami”, the protest movement that is close to the opposition.

Worthwhile Analogy, by David Foster

Imagine that some of our Congresspeople–Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich, and Robert Byrd, for example–formed a professional sports team. Baseball, basketball, football–take your pick.

Would anyone invest money in such a team? Would anyone go to watch it, for any purposes other than mockery? I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Well, the average Congressperson probably knows far more about sports than he knows about business. Almost certainly, he watches sports on TV…he may well have played himself in his younger days…whereas the typical Congressional knowledge of business is comparable to a baseball-watcher who doesn’t understand the difference between balls and strikes. Yet this Congress, with the encouragement of the Administration, is arrogating to itself the power to micromanage every business in the country in excruciating detail.

Lebanon’s Legacy in Afghanistan, by Caroline Glick

Instead of asking what was required for victory, like Olmert before him, Obama asked two questions. First, he asked what he needed to do to placate a public that views him as soft on defense. And second, just as Olmert did in Lebanon, (and later in Gaza), Obama asked what policy he should adopt in Afghanistan that would not hurt him too much with his anti-war political base.

And so he arrived at Tuesday’s announcement at West Point. The US will not pursue victory. It won’t even do much to strengthen the Afghan government’s ability to fight the Taliban on its own. Indeed, it views the Taliban as a legitimate force in Afghanistan.

What Obama agreed to do was lend his commander on the ground, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, 30,000 troops for 18 months. But the message he sent US forces is far from resolute. With the forces’ rules of engagement constrained by the Obama Justice Department’s penchant for prosecuting US servicemen and intelligence officials for aggressively pursuing their enemies, it isn’t clear how many risks those forces will be willing to take. Moreover, it is hard to imagine fighting with decisiveness under a commander-in-chief whose vocabulary does not include the word victory.

Then there is the message he sent the Afghans. Just as Barak and Olmert discouraged the Lebanese from cooperating with IDF operations against Hizbullah when they declared that the IDF would not remain in Lebanon, so by announcing a timeline for withdrawal at the same time he announced his force build-up, Obama told the Afghan people that they have no reason to collaborate with US and NATO forces on the ground.

For Obama personally, this is a win-win situation. If McChrystal is able to make headway, Obama will take the credit. If not, Obama will blame McChrystal, and the Afghans, and NATO, and the Republicans, and George W. Bush for his failure. Then he will withdraw all US forces from the country, and watch as a disinterested observer as the Taliban retake control of Afghanistan – all to the rousing applause of his anti-war political base.

The Gardener’s Perspective, by IraqPundit

Iraqis love their gardens. The patch in front of the house is so special that people lovingly plant fruit trees and brightly coloured flowers in designs. People love to sit in the yard on a cool evening and admire the sight. The relationship between an Iraqi man and his yard is really different. Years ago, a guy told me: “It’s in our soul.” I have visited several Middle Eastern countries, but I have yet to see this connection in other places. One guy I know who went to work in Dubai missed his garden so much that his family emailed him photos of it. He’s back now and works in his yard each day. For this reason, I talked with a couple of gardeners today.

These men who look after people’s gardens are among the most modest imaginable. They know their trees, they know their flowers, but they have had no formal education. The ones I met today told me life is much better than it was before.

I hope you enjoyed some of these articles. I thought they were all terrific and very insightful.


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10/15/09 interesting articles from around the interwebz

At the top of the news are a few Nobel Blogs about the very deserving winners of the Nobel Prize for Economics

Political Cartoons by Dana SummersBarack Obama is George Soros’s marionette?

Liberal warnings of TEA party violence are pure psychological projection. Bitten off any fingers lately?

The Nobel Peace Prize sucks. The world need a Reagan Peace Prize.

Eliot Spitzer wants to crush the US Chamber of Commerce because it takes conservative positions and doesn’t buy into environmentalist wackjob hype. Herein he lays out his evil plan to James Bond. And you.

Lieberman is ready to make some Democrat heads explode

How the Baucus healthcare bill will cause a health insurance market death spiral

Running the numbers that damn Baucuscare

How to distort statistics to say a poll shows the opposite of what it says

The statistics that are so brutally warped by the previous article

Ron Paul vs. Lindsey Graham in a steel cage death match

The vile and mendacious racialist calumnies of the Southern Poverty Law Center (Vadum too)

How to nail Terry Krepel of Media Matters to the wall with his own vile smears

How long will the Recession last? Forever!

When the Government and some Private Companies collude to drive other private companies out of the marketplace and give overwhelming financial benefits to the colluding companies for campaign contributions for colluding politicians, why is that the fault of the free market instead of the fault of government meddling with the free market?

Islam4UK demands full sharia law over the United Kingdom, replacing all other laws

Death Panels anyone? Robert Reich, Democrat and proponent of single-payer health-care, says that HEALTH CARE TO SENIOR CITIZENS AND VERY SICK PEOPLE WILL BE RATIONED UNDER ANY GOVERNMENT PLAN

Another Clinton Scandal

Iowahawk’s $33 art stimulus has opened the floodgates of the underground art world

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10/9/09 list of interesting articles

Heading up the news today, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for what again? AP analyzes something for once.

How about Obama’s war record?

“Classy” White House calls Joe Scarborough an A—hole for laughing at President Pantywaist’s Nobel Peace Prize

Tom Coburn proposes to dump Political Science research funding since it’s pure Marxist propaganda. I can live with that. Marxists not so much.

Safe Schools Czar wrote forward to the compleat idiot’s guide to pedophilia. I fixed the book title to clarify it.

Too late to watch, an actual documentary actually airing on PBS actually praised capitalism which actually lifts poor from poverty, & actually defeats tyranny. Huh.

Youtube seminar on basic online video production/shooting the video

White House advisor on Muslim affairs says Sharia law not such a bad idea

Al Qaeda Video on how to Make a Butt Bomb

Cass Sunstein defends communism, says America too racist for socialism and its universal racism

Karl Marx, the end of the world, and communist eschatology

Kevin Jennings vs. Mark Foley: Battle of the Pederasts

Another case of actual vote fraud, this time from a transvestite prostitute and con-man who ACORN got to vote illegally in the same election

NASA bombs the moon. Take that, moon monsters!

Global Taxation without Representation: G20 Discusses Taxing the Whole World

White House finally admits its obvious, unreasoning, deranged hatred for Fox News

10/8/09 List of Interesting Articles

Jobless rate will affect Democrats’ 2010 Prospects. Duh.

Maxine Waters says Charlie Rangle isn’t alone: Many Democrats are Crooks

US Senate healthcare plan (Baucuscare) would cost $829 Billion and cut 10-year deficit by $81 Billion. For those who can’t add, this means it will increase taxpayer costs and fees by $910 Billion. (behind member firewall)

The Taliban bombed the Indian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing 17 and injuring more than 60

In an interesting segue from the previous story, according to Attorney General and projecting coward Eric Holder, Violence is the ‘American Problem’

Israeli Foreign Minister astonishes world with bracing splash of reality: people who think Israel and Palestinians can reach a deal “do not understand reality and are sowing illusions.”

UN Climate report confuses Arctic with Antarctic

Dems running away from the Ghost of Speeches Past

Scrappleface: Obama to lobby academy for Michael Moore Oscar

Baucuscare will raise marginal tax rate to 70% or higher, on people between 1x and 2x the poverty level

Have Environmentalists ever actually been for anything they claim they are for? Their hated fast breeder reactors would have reduced pollution by 35%

10/7/09 Roundup of Interesting Stuff

Yes, Virginia, ACORN threw out all Republican voter registrations as invalid because “there is no such thing as a black republican”

Kerry-Lugar Bill is incredibly insulting to Pakistan. “Allies” in Pakistan are not happy.

Iraqis are getting cynical about voting. Fear the “turbans” will take over and steal the people’s freedom away soon enough.

Thank God for Vaclav Klaus, the only man in the way of the EU steamroller

Archbishop Chaput discusses why it was wrong for Notre Dame to honor Obama with an honorary degree

Egypt killed all the country’s pigs because of swine flu fears, and to spite their Christian owners. Now what to do with all the daily garbage the pigs used to eat?

“Let me dispel these ridiculous rumors once and for all and set the record straight: Under my plan, seniors are going to be killed the way they want to be killed, end of story,” said the president, who acknowledged that “wiping out” the nation’s elderly population has always been his No. 1 priority. “If your grandmother would rather be euthanized in the privacy of her own home than be gutted and hanged on a high school soccer field, she is entitled to that right.”

A Sarbanes-Oxley to Cripple American Small Business

50 Examples of Government Waste

Vox Day agrees with George Will about Barack Obama

The French Battle Flag looks like the flag of Benin with a white background

Go for Capitalism or Go for Broke: Michael Moore vs. Michael Covel

What went wrong with Congress?

Ay Caramba! Kevin Jennings wants Pro-Homosexual Curriculum for Kindergartens

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The coming storm.


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