Morning Joe: It’s what’s for Senate

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) is among the senators trying to recruit Joe Scarborough to run against Bill Nelson in Florida. Let’s forget for a moment the rumors about Scarborough’s hard partying lifestyle when he was in the US House. Let’s forget for a moment that Scarborough left his US House seat in a rush about the same time his wife divorced him. Let’s forget that Joe Scarborough is an enabler of Democrat Party nutbags who works for MS-NBC, the media arm of the far left wing of the Democrat Party*. Let’s forget that an aide of Joe Scarborough’s died under somewhat suspicious circumstances in his Fort Walton Beach office. Let’s forget that Scarborough had the chance to challenge Bill Nelson in 2005 and decided not to run. Why did he stop then? Surely not because he thought he would win too easily! But forget all that.


Why should we forget all that? Democrats won’t forget or forgive. Scarborough will get painted by the press including his current employer as a wobbly Republican, a critic of Republican Presidential candidates, and a moral reprobate.

Let’s review what happened last election cycle in the Florida Senate race.

  • Marco Rubio declared he would run for Senate.
  • Then Cornyn and NRSCC announced they would support Charlie Crist, of the very strange private life and citrus-colored suntan.
  • Rubio came on like gangbusters and beat Crist in the primary.
  • Crist switched parties and ran in the general election as an Independent while hinting he would caucus with Democrats.
  • Rubio kicked him all over the map again.
  • Hello Senator Marco Rubio!

Why, after being embarrassed by his early support for Charlie Crist, who turned out to be a Democrat in disguise, is Cornyn recruiting yet another bad candidate in Florida? Nelson isn’t even all that bad for a Democrat. If we’re going to have one left in the Senate he’d be the one to leave. So why do we have to run our own terrible candidate against the Democrats’ borderline-terrible candidate?

Joe Scarborough looks good at the 2008 DNC Convention. Don't you think? Let's keep him diong what he's doing, the toothless pet conservative at the MSNBC liberal petting zoo. Image courtesy wikimedia. Click to follow.

Here is a thought. How about we run a conservative Republican against Nelson, instead of a scandal-damaged goofball like Scarborough? Assuming he is Republican, maybe Judge Vinson could be recruited. He might even apply some of his vast knowledge of the Constitution to the actual drafting of legislation that adheres to it, rather than violating it at every step.

* Please forgive the weird metaphor. It’s casual Friday.

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Make the Bush Tax Rates Permanent in 2011

The 2-Year tax rate extension negotiated between Obama and some Republican congress-critters looks like it will get through and be passed. But this will not be before Nancy Pelosi’s pork brigade finishes larding it up with a bunch of noxious spending to make it more palatable to her gang in the House and Harry Reid’s gang in the Senate. As per plan, it will also be linked with refundable Tax Credits to continue Obama’s redistributionist ideology, plus patching unemployment benefits for another thirteen months and renewing the Ethanol price supports and global food shortage mandates. This is just being passed now because the Democrats in charge had two years since 2008 to fix the problem but failed to protect Americans from the largest tax increase in American history. There is no reason for Republicans to follow the lead of lazy Democrats. Republicans should set a better example and plan ahead for this important issue before it becomes hair-on-fire urgent in the winter of 2012.

In January 2011, House Republicans should introduce a clean bill to make the Bush tax rates permanent. It should apply to all Americans, even small business owners whom Democrats want to punish with extra taxes. The public is on the Republican side in this. The tax issue is a winner for Republicans, and will be something that Republicans can talk about on every Sunday show and every press interview. Pass a pure, brief version in the House after reading the entire bill aloud and debating it on C-SPAN. There should be no extraneous legislation in it: No unemployment; no refundable tax credits; no money for ACORN or unions. Send it to the Senate and wait.

Until it passes and is signed into law this bill will be the best evidence in the world that Democrats do not want to let people keep their money. It would show that Democrats think the government is better qualified to spend the people’s money than the people are. This is the government we are talking about, the one that borrowed over $3 Trillion in the last two years to finance spending. Now that the government has spent all this money, the government’s pet political party wants to reach into the pocket of every American man, woman, and child and extract $35,000 each for their share of the national debt.

Progressive Democrats like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are not going to let permanent Bush tax rates pass if they can stop it. They hate the idea of Americans keeping their money. They want to redistribute Americans’ money to the communist rulers of other countries like China and Brazil and to their favored political and racialist groups. But about 50% of Democrats want the tax rates to be permanent for all Americans. This makes it one of the best wedge issues ever. It cuts the Democrats in half. It will never pass with the progressive, socialist Democrats in charge of the party right now. And until it passes, non-socialist, rank-and-file Democrats will keep splitting off from their party in search of a political party that brings some sanity to the discussion.

The socialists in charge of the Democratic Party today will destroy their party before they let it return to the control of people who think like Americans. So Republicans should give them the chance to do just that.

Most likely the bill will not get through Democrats’ fear, urgency, and doubt attacks right away. It will just sit there, waiting, making noise, underlining how Democrats didn’t take care of this when they had the chance. That just makes it better. The longer it sits there like a festering sore the more urgent it gets, and the more apparent it is that Democrats do not want people to keep their own money.They think that no matter what it is, whether to buy food or drive our cars, go to the doctor, buy medicine, clothes, housing, lunch for our kids, or even give money to charity, government bureaucrats do a better job at picking what to spend money on than regular Americans do. Why should Americans have to pursue happiness on their own when the government can just hand it to them? Sure, it’s a little like living in your parents’ house as an adult, under their rules, while putting all your money in the family pot. Your loving parents say it’s worth it because Mom’s such a great cook and you will never want to eat anything she didn’t cook, make any decisions your Dad doesn’t agree with, put away money for your retirement, get married or have kids, because Mom and Dad wouldn’t approve. That’s what it’s like when you don’t have resources of your own. You don’t have choices either. It’s always pizza on Friday night and chicken on Wednesday.

And that’s the bottom line. Democrats do not want Americans to keep their own money or to be free to make their own decisions. Republicans do. Republicans should pass this bill, then pop the popcorn and wait.

“Mr. President, I send an unprinted Amendment to the desk,”

Please read, copy, and repost verbatim this article from Dan Perrin on your blog.

“Mr. President, I send an unprinted Amendment to the desk, and ask for its immediate consideration,” are the exact words that any U.S. Senator can say when offering this amendment on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

This amendment, below, should be walked down to the floor of the U.S. Senate and voted on prior to any vote on the floor of the U.S. House, in order to prepare the legal battlefield for the court challenge against the Alice-in-Wonderland-like-Red-Queen, Speaker Pelosi, and her dictatorial and unconstitutional scheme to pass the Senate Health Care bill without voting on it. While we are uncertain that we will be fighting on this ground, it is essential to prepare the battlefield, if we do.

This amendment, I am reliably advised, was written by a former judge on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals who was on President Bush’s short list for the Supreme Court (Roberts beat him out) and is recently retired and is teaching Constitutional law at one of the most prestigious national law schools at University on the west coast.

So, in other words, don’t mess with the language of this amendment. Just launch it, now on whatever bill is now pending on the floor of the U.S. Senate.


Unprinted Amendment No.___ .

Intended to Proposed by Mr. _________.


Add at the end of the bill the following new Section:

“Sec.___ . a) Inasmuch as Sections Five and Seven of Article I of the United States Constitution mandate a certain process for the enactment of a federal law and do not allow a measure to become a law by “deeming” it passed by either House of Congress, it is the Sense of the Senate and its judgment that the House of Representatives is required by the Supreme Law of the United States, to vote directly and up or down on H.R. 3590 in order to send that measure lawfully to the President, if, and only if, it shall have been approved by a majority vote of each such House taken on an identical measure; and, more particularly, it is the Sense of the Senate that, in conformity with Article I of the Constitution, the House of Representatives, unless the measure is returned to the Senate with an Amendment by the House, must vote directly on the language sent to it by the Senate precisely as it was duly enrolled at the direction of the Senate by its Enrolling Clerk, certified as an Act of the Senate by the Secretary of the Senate, and thereupon transmitted by the Senate’s Messenger to the House Chamber while the House of Representatives was in actual Session.

b) It is the further Sense of the Senate that the exact words that the Senate caused to be enrolled on parchment and taken by messenger to the House of Representatives, constitute the sole document and the only document upon which Members of the House can lawfully cast their vote, whether Yeah or Nay, under the process expressly mandated by the United States Constitution; and it is also the Sense of the Senate and its judgment that to do otherwise by “deeming” rather than voting would void any purported enactment, deprive it of the force of law, justify disobedience to it, and cause irreparable violence and harm to our system of government and its fundamental law through fraud, deception, abuse of power, and usurpation of the civil rights of the People.

c) This Section maybe cited as the “Congressional Voting Rights Resolution.”.


I further ask all patriots and Americans who care deeply about the U.S. Consititution to re-post the text of this Amendment every where possible on the internet. Specifically, wallpaper the web with the text of the this Amendment, today.

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Opposing Sotomayor: A Line in the Sand

As Andrew C. McCarthy wrote on Tuesday, “It’s not the rule of law, it’s the rule of lawyers: That’s the central message conveyed by Pres. Barack Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor.” She is, after all, widely admired among the Obamanist left for her empathy, not her temperament or wisdom. That plus her compelling life story and her love of Nancy Drew mysteries.

We also know that she has had many of her decisions reversed on appeal by the Supreme Court, that she is argumentative and unpleasant, that she believes the place of a judge is to create policy, rather than to apply the law impartially, and that she believes her race and gender make her better than whites or men.

Racism does not have a good track record. It’s been tried a long time. And you would think by now that we’d want to put an end to it instead of putting it under new management.

(Thomas Sowell, 5/27/09 on the Glenn Beck Show)

Democrats and the partisan Democrat media have started their campaign for Sotomayor by blackmailing Republicans; saying if they oppose her that Republicans will never get another Hispanic vote. And they are also preemptively accusing Republicans of hypocrisy because George H. W. Bush mentioned upon nominating him that Clarence Thomas’s inspirational life story should arouse Americans’ empathy. Continue reading

Go and Mint No More

Clem from the Mint team has requested that nobody who supports Israel give Linux Mint any help or support. It seems that he is one of those fools who believes the propaganda and takes the Palestinian side against Israelis. I don’t help or support Mint now, but I won’t use it either, and neither will anyone I advise. Have a miserable life, Clem, until you realize the truth about the good people you hate and the hateful people you side with.

Now I will go and Mint no more.


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Tea Parties and Federalism Amendments

The assault on American traditions and freedoms led by the current congress and the Agitator-in-Chief has not gone unnoticed. boston_tea_party_1_mdThe Tea Party movement is one such reaction. A popular movement to study and understand the original meaning of the Constitution is another (also see here). And finally, means to strengthen the original meaning of the Constitution, enforcing the original meaning with structural changes in the government, are being widely considered.

Last week Randy Barnett, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal Theory at Georgetown University, inspired by the originalist vision of the Tea Parties, wrote an op ed in the Wall Street Journal that argued for the enactment of a federalism amendment limiting the powers of the federal government. Ilya Somin at Volokh and others have been sending their learned feedback to Barnett, who revised his proposal from the single amendment with five sections in his WSJ op ed to Ten Federalism Amendments.

The Ten Amendments of The Bill of Federalism

PJTV has a thorough discussion by Barnett and Tea Party organizers on the merits of the proposed amendment that is worth listening to if you have an hour to invest. If you don’t have the time, I’ll summarize what I think are the most important points from the discussion.
Continue reading