Jackson and Harrison County Mississippi Sign the Voter ID Petition

All over the US, especially in big cities but it happens in small towns too, people apparently rise up out of certain graveyards to vote every four years. This has has probably always happened, but this is 2010 and we don’t have to allow vote fraud to continue into the 21st century.

If you are allowed to vote, then your vote should be counted. If your vote is not counted, then it’s just as if you were stopped from voting. If a person gets to vote twice, that is the same exact thing as taking away someone else’s vote. If a person votes a dozen times at a dozen precincts, a dozen people have their votes stolen from them. One of them could have been you! There is nothing funny or innocent about vote fraud. No matter how rare it is, each time it happens it takes away a person’s Constitutionally granted power to vote. And each time it happens, the frustration over vote fraud convinces another person that voting is useless. If too many Americans come to believe their votes don’t count because of fraud, then the possibility of revolution by other means becomes very real. Those are the stakes. Those are the reasons why preventing vote fraud is important.

There is a non-partisan Voter ID Petition going on in Mississippi. Currently Mississippi state law prohibits poll workers from asking for or checking a photo ID to make sure that every voter is who she says she is. Coupled with the inability of cities and towns to clear the voter rolls of people who die, this leaves a wide-open field for fraudulent voting. The only way fraudulent voters get caught is if they come back to the same precinct to vote under a second name and one of the poll workers or watchers remembers them and calls them on it. The current petition is to put a question on the 2010 general election ballot that lets the people of Mississippi decide if they want to require Voter ID to prevent vote fraud.

We are very close to our statewide goal of 130 thousand signatures. We will be out in force on the home stretch trying to cross that finish line before January 31, 2010.

Pick up a petition and take it to your job, your school, or your church. Get your friends to sign up. Pick-up and drop-off locations for petitions can be found below. So can some good advice on how to answer questions you might get about the petition.

Jackson County Pick-up/Drop-off Locations:

  • Ocean Springs:  Miner’s Toy Store, Washington Avenue
  • Gautier:  Coldwell-Banker Realty, Hwy 90
  • Gautier:  Sleep King, Hwy 90
  • Gautier:  David Thompson (at bank between McDonald’s & Wendys on Highway 90 – ask for David)
  • Pascagoula:  Anderson’s Bakery, Market Street
  • Pascagoula:  Sleep King, Denny Avenue
  • Vancleave: Coles Service Center, Poticaw Bayou Road
  • Wade/Hurley/Big Point area: Farm Bureau Insurance, 16913 Highway 63 (10 miles north of I-10, 1 mile north of the power plant, 4 miles south of Wade-Vancleave Rd.)

Harrison County Pick-up/Drop-off Locations:

  • Sweet Pepper’s Deli on the west side of Hwy. 49 in Saucier.  Ask for David or Joyce.
  • Comvest Properties on Beauvoir Rd. in Biloxi.  Across from Autozone. 
  • Vintage Station on Courthouse Rd. in Gulfport.  After 5pm.  Just north of the railroad.
  • Bernie’s restaurant in Biloxi.
  • Hallmark Mortgage on Cowan Rd. in Gulfport.  Just north of Hwy. 90.
  • Palazzo CPA’s.  1/2 mile north of I-10 at exit 41/Woolmarket.
  • Any Sleep King location.  Denny Ave. in Pascagoula.  Eisenhower Dr. in Biloxi.  Hwy. 49 in Gulfport next to Best Buy.  Dedeaux Rd. in Gulfport, 1 mile east of Hwy. 49.  Hwy. 90 in Gautier.  Pass Rd. in Gulfport, next to Center Point Energy.  Sangani Blvd. in D’Iberville next to Lowe’s.

Petition Guidelines:

  • Official petition forms are 2-sided legal size. Sheet must have printing on back to be valid. Use official forms.

  • Print name and address as listed on voter rolls (Clerk compares name and address to voter rolls to certify each signature).

  • Yes, petition signers need to be registered to vote in Mississippi for their signatures to count.
  • No P.O. Boxes.

  • Black or blue ink is OK.

  • Don’t worry about precinct or congressional district (not necessary)

  • Keep different counties on separate sheets.

  • Sign at the bottom of the sheet as the circulator.

  • Deliver completed sheets to drop-off points AS THEY ARE COMPLETED (we want to avoid a bottleneck at the Clerks’s office). Our deadline for turning in sheets to the drop-off points is January 31st.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some people will object to signing a political petition, saying they don’t want news to get back to their boss, or to face political retaliation. Answer: We are going to have at least 130,000 signatures on this petition. Nobody is going to go through all these thousands of sheets of paper to check to see if your name is on it.
  • Careful signers may point out there is an exception for people who have religious objections to having their photograph taken and object to this. Answer: I totally understand where you’re coming from, and if I had my druthers I’d prefer that too. However, the lawyers tell us that if we didn’t have this exception in the legal language, the first legal challenge based on a religious objection would overturn the law.


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Mississippi Voter Fraud Alert

We have it here in Mississippi too. It doesn’t only happen in Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, and Washington State. Madison County has 123% more registered voters than it has adult population. Combined with the lack of voter ID in Mississippi, this is a recipe for voter fraud. All you have to do is show up, know the name of someone who hasn’t voted (for instance by taking names from recent obituaries), and vote. Do this once in several precincts and you’ve stolen votes from honest, law-abiding people and will probably never get caught. Combine this with a corrupt poll worker or two (it could happen) and a small vote fraud organization could easily shift several hundred to thousand votes in a state. Combined with obvious sources of voter fraud, such as motor voter registrations of aliens and felons, and with aggressive disqualifications of military absentee ballots practiced in some places (though I don’t think this happens in Mississippi), the ACORN pattern of vote fraud threatens every state.

Did you ever wonder why Gore was so insistent that he was going to win his legal challenges in Florida in 2000? It’s because his team was certain they had cheated their way to victory in Florida. The Panhandle, or as we who lived there call it, Lower Alabama–the Redneck Riviera–held the state against the tide of vote fraud.

Diebold. Electronic voting machines without physical records. Massive voter registration fraud that begs for vote fraud. And thousands of lawyers are lined up to litigate every close vote. It’s going to be hard for anyone to trust the result of elections this year.

There has to be an answer.

We need to ink some fingers in the voting booths.


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Wicker on the KC-45 Contract and Boeing’s Challenge

A while back I sent Sen. Roger Wicker (the replacement for Trent Lott) a note telling him my opinion on the Northrop-Grumman/EADS KC-45 tanker contract for the new USAF aerial refueling tanker. I got a letter back from the Senator the other day concerning my letter to him. Enclosed was this open letter that he published on April 14.

Report From Congress

By Senator Roger F. Wicker


On February 28, in a decision that had major implications for Mississippi’s economy, the Air Force announced it had awarded a $40 billion contract to Northrop Grumman and EADS North America to build 179 aerial refueling tankers. The tankers, which would be assembled in Mobile, Alabama, would create up to 2,000 new jobs on the Gulf Coast, many of which would be filled by Mississippians.

Unfortunately, the contract is not yet final. The main competitor to Northrop Grumman and EADS has protested the Air Force’s decision in hopes that it will be reversed. If that were to happen, it would be bad for both our military and U.S. taxpayers and harmful to the Mississippi economy.


Hurricane Katrina’s landfall along the Gulf Coast hurt more than buildings and structures; it also hurt the economy. While the economy along the Coast has made great progress in getting back to pre-Katrina strength, there is more work to do. The construction of the Air Force’s new tanker in Mobile would have an economic impact that would be felt throughout the Gulf Coast.

Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, the construction of these tankers on the Gulf Coast would benefit the entire state of Mississippi. Tanker construction on the Coast would foster a new aerospace manufacturing corridor in the southeastern United States. This would be positive news to the many defense-related businesses across Mississippi, from the Tennessee state line down to the Gulf Coast.

The national economy would also benefit. In addition to the 2,000 jobs along the Gulf Coast, the Northrop Grumman tanker would create an additional 46,000 direct and indirect jobs nationwide. The project would cast a wide economic net, calling on 230 companies in 49 states to help build the tankers.


The competition to win this contract has been spirited, but it has energized a high level of misinformation that is not helpful to the process. Some have suggested that the contract competition was not fair. This is simply false. The Air Force and Defense Department presided over perhaps the most fair and transparent acquisition process in history.

There has also been a high level of misinformation regarding American jobs being lost overseas if Northrop Grumman is awarded this contract. This, too, could not be further from the truth. The Northrop Grumman tanker will be an American tanker built by American workers. With the utilization of suppliers in 49 states and the ability to create nearly 50,000 American jobs, it is clear this is a winning situation for our economy and American workers.


The protest over the Air Force’s decision to award this contract to Northrop Grumman is unhelpful for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it puts at risk the men and women who are flying the current fleet of tankers – planes that are more than 45 years old and which have been the Air Force’s top modernization priority for several years.

In making its decision on the tanker contract, the Air Force made an objective judgment based on the merits of the two competing proposals. The facts should be allowed to speak for themselves, and this contract should be allowed to move forward. For the good of our military, taxpayers and the Mississippi economy, I am optimistic that will happen.

Me too.


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Keep the KC-45 Tanker in Mobile Alabama: Katrina country

The US Air Force announced the winner of the KC-X RFP last month. If the USAF can make its choice stick in the face of the political wind coming from Seattle, the new KC-45 refueling tanker will be built in Mobile AL, right across the state line from Pascagoula MS. It will be based on the Airbus A-330, the best selling commercial airplane of its class in the world, which will also be built in Mobile, in the brand-spanking-new EADS North America factory right next to the brand-spanking-new Northrop-Grumman KC-45 factory.

Mobile, the original home (in 1703) of Mardi Gras in the United States and the hometown of baseball legends Satchel Paige and Hank Aaron, is a sleepy, traditional port city in a traditional southern state. The biggest events to hit Mobile are Mardi Gras every spring and the LPGA Tournament of Champions. Seattle, Boeing’s home though not the center of production for their 767 variant tanker, is a huge port in a pleasant and beautiful area that has become a magnet for the hard left and Starbucks coffee culture.

The Mobile area was hit hard from the west by Hurricane Katrina two and a half years ago, and from the east by Ivan a year before that. Though New Orleans gets all the publicity from Katrina, Gulf Shores, only 20 miles to Mobile’s east was hit head on by Ivan, which devastated that vacation community. Pascagoula, 20 miles to the west of Mobile, had 92% of its homes flooded by Katrina and almost every home within two blocks of the beach was rendered uninhabitable.

Full disclosure: I work for NG. I don’t speak for NG. I might be involved at a low level in the initial construction at the Mobile site, but not in the ongoing operation of it. I don’t think the KC-45 factory would have much if any impact on my job for NG. But I know that new high-tech jobs in Mobile would spill over into Mississippi and it would bring a little more prosperity back to the area. This is something the area needs after taking the double-whammy of Ivan and Katrina, with so many being flooded out of their homes.

I know exactly what it’s like to be flooded out. I live a few miles west of Pascagoula and lost just about everything I owned in Katrina. I’ll be carrying extra debt for years because of it. Neither I, nor anyone I care about, wants more handouts. But we do appreciate chances to work hard and add value to companies that do great things. But I’m heading into self-indulgent territory and it’s time to end this tangent. Let’s get back on point.

Northrop-Grumman’s win was by a wide margin. The Northrop-Grumman (NG) KC-45 was the better product on four out of five key measures, and tied on the fifth. One of the unmentioned but important differences is that the KC-45 is based on the bestselling Airbus A330, at the beginning of its production lifetime, while the Boeing KC-767 is based on a plane that has been made for 30 years and is shutting down its production line. The USAF isn’t going out on a limb by selecting the NG design. It would be selecting a defunct design if it chose the other. The A330 won the last four international tanker competitions for tanker aircraft that were held (for Australia, UK, UAE, and Saudi Arabia). The tanker is already seeing action for Australia! The USAF is not alone in buying a tanker based on the A330.

On the Buy American aspect, Boeing is trying to fool people into thinking that its offering is 100% made in America and the NG plane is made in France by Airbus. This is simply not true. The NG plane is made in the USA by Americans, just like the Boeing plane. Both planes have about 30% imported components. Boeing says that its plane would support 40,000 US jobs in 40 states. NG says its plane would support 48,000 jobs in 49 states.

If you live around Mobile and you, like me, support the tanker, then you can express your support to Washington DC by going here and sending a message to your Representatives and Senators. If you don’t live around Mobile, yet you think that competitions should be fair and square and the best competitor should win, regardless of the political power wielded by lobbyists, then send a message too. Your voice will be even more powerful than the voice of people who live in Mobile, because it is devoid of selfish interest.

Please, support the KC-45 tanker decision and Mobile. It’s the right thing to do.


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Blessing of the Bikes in Gautier

On our way to the Easter Egg Hunt this morning we drove past the Blessing of the Bikes in Gautier. I was kicking myself for not having a camera with me to take some pictures. It was sponsored by a Christian motorcycling club and located on the grounds of a Methodist Church. They were giving out free motorcycle blessing stickers. There was a lot of fellowship happening among the better part of 1,000 bikers of all sorts, from kids on crotch-rockets to white-beards on Electra-Glide Classics.

I’m glad to see the message of the Blessing of the Fleet made famous locally in Bayou La Batre spreading to other clients. The St. Mary Parish in Gautier really should get involved in this to give the bikes a proper blessing.


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Oh well, my geeeeenius plan to throw the Mississippi Democratic primary to Hillarious Clintonious with my single vote didn’t work. However, in a bit of irrelevant news, I do know of others who went and did the same thing. My wife’s homeschooling moms’ club all did it too. Still, no dice.


Go ahead and mock me with a pity party if you like.


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Call for Mississippi Republicans to cross over and vote in the Dem primary

There are only a few contests in Mississippi where there is a choice between Republicans. I call on Republicans in Mississippi, who are the majority, to cross over and vote in the Democratic Party primary. Vote for Hillary to help the Democrats party hardy as they approach their Recreate ’68 moment in Denver.

I wrote in 2008 Mississippi Primaries:

Project VoteSmart is a good site for those who, like me, want to find out who the candidates are in their home area. Click on the link and type in your 9-digit zip code.

Look for the democrats running against the Senators and in other races, and chase down the bios to find the weakest ones. Then vote for them. You know the Democrats would do it for the Republicans if they could. Wait… they did! That’s why we have McCain on our ticket!

If you can, be sure to vote for Shawn R. O’Hara. He’s a corker!


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2008 Mississippi Primaries

Project VoteSmart is a good site for those who, like me, want to find out who the candidates are in their home area. Click on the link and type in your 9-digit zip code.

In Mississippi, there are only national races. Mississippi is one of those states that has the state and local races in the odd years, and national races in the even years. I think it’s a remarkably sensible plan. Now… In the presidential race, I’d vote for Hillary Clinton if I could cross party lines to do it. I think that the longer the battle lasts between Clinton and Obama the more good it does for McCain. In the legislative races, my crossover vote would be for Shawn O’Hara for Democrat Senatorial candidate, and for a write-in against Gene Taylor. I don’t have anything against Taylor, and I think he’s a good legislator for Mississippi. But every seat that can be given to a Republican will be important this year. The Democrats have made national politics a partisan brawl since 2000. It’s time for Republicans to fight back.

It might be interesting to explain why I’d vote for O’Hara. He is something like a Democratic Ron Paul or Mike Gravel. He’s run for every state position he can for many years. Let’s give him a shot at the Senate against Thad Cochran.

There are no choices to make on the Republican side. There is only one candidate in the races. I wouldn’t expect a big turn-out in the Mississippi Republican primary this year.


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Mississippi Senate and House Primary Races

A list of primary candidates for US National Legislative seats in Mississippi.


Roger Wicker (R) | Campaign Site
Active Candidates:

Thad Cochran (R)
* Next Election in 2008.
Active Candidates:


District 1:
Roger Wicker (R)
* Appointed to the US Senate on December 31, 2007.

Active Candidates:

  • Greg Davis (R)
    Southaven Mayor, Ex-State Rep. & Civil Engineer
  • Glenn McCullough (R)
    Ex-Tupelo Mayor, Ex-TVA Board Chair & Business Consultant
  • Randy Russell (R)
    Opthamologist & Ex-State Board of Health Member
  • Travis Childers (D)
    Prentiss County Chancery Clerk & Businessman
  • Marshall Coleman (D)
    Calhoun Alderman, Convenience Store Owner, Army Veteran & ’07 State Rep. Nominee
  • J.K. “Ken” Hurt (D)
    Political Consultant & ’06 Nominee
  • Steve Holland (D)
    State Rep., Farmer, Funeral Home Owner & Ex-Congressional Aide
  • Brian Neely (D)
    Attorney & USMC Veteran
  • John Wages Jr. (Green)
    Ex-State Party Chair, Lee County Elections Board Member, College Professor & Farmer
  • Wally Pang (Independent)
    Restaurant Owner & ’07 State Rep. GOP Nominee

District 2:
Bennie Thompson (D) | Campaign Site

Active Candidates:

  • Dorothy “Dot” Benford (D)
  • Richard Cook (R)

District 3:
Chip Pickering (R)
* Retiring in 2008.

Active Candidates:

District 4:
Gene Taylor (D)

Active Candidates:

  • John McCay III (R)
    Methodist Minister & Air National Guard Officer