Jackson and Harrison County Mississippi Sign the Voter ID Petition

All over the US, especially in big cities but it happens in small towns too, people apparently rise up out of certain graveyards to vote every four years. This has has probably always happened, but this is 2010 and we don’t have to allow vote fraud to continue into the 21st century.

If you are allowed to vote, then your vote should be counted. If your vote is not counted, then it’s just as if you were stopped from voting. If a person gets to vote twice, that is the same exact thing as taking away someone else’s vote. If a person votes a dozen times at a dozen precincts, a dozen people have their votes stolen from them. One of them could have been you! There is nothing funny or innocent about vote fraud. No matter how rare it is, each time it happens it takes away a person’s Constitutionally granted power to vote. And each time it happens, the frustration over vote fraud convinces another person that voting is useless. If too many Americans come to believe their votes don’t count because of fraud, then the possibility of revolution by other means becomes very real. Those are the stakes. Those are the reasons why preventing vote fraud is important.

There is a non-partisan Voter ID Petition going on in Mississippi. Currently Mississippi state law prohibits poll workers from asking for or checking a photo ID to make sure that every voter is who she says she is. Coupled with the inability of cities and towns to clear the voter rolls of people who die, this leaves a wide-open field for fraudulent voting. The only way fraudulent voters get caught is if they come back to the same precinct to vote under a second name and one of the poll workers or watchers remembers them and calls them on it. The current petition is to put a question on the 2010 general election ballot that lets the people of Mississippi decide if they want to require Voter ID to prevent vote fraud.

We are very close to our statewide goal of 130 thousand signatures. We will be out in force on the home stretch trying to cross that finish line before January 31, 2010.

Pick up a petition and take it to your job, your school, or your church. Get your friends to sign up. Pick-up and drop-off locations for petitions can be found below. So can some good advice on how to answer questions you might get about the petition.

Jackson County Pick-up/Drop-off Locations:

  • Ocean Springs:  Miner’s Toy Store, Washington Avenue
  • Gautier:  Coldwell-Banker Realty, Hwy 90
  • Gautier:  Sleep King, Hwy 90
  • Gautier:  David Thompson (at bank between McDonald’s & Wendys on Highway 90 – ask for David)
  • Pascagoula:  Anderson’s Bakery, Market Street
  • Pascagoula:  Sleep King, Denny Avenue
  • Vancleave: Coles Service Center, Poticaw Bayou Road
  • Wade/Hurley/Big Point area: Farm Bureau Insurance, 16913 Highway 63 (10 miles north of I-10, 1 mile north of the power plant, 4 miles south of Wade-Vancleave Rd.)

Harrison County Pick-up/Drop-off Locations:

  • Sweet Pepper’s Deli on the west side of Hwy. 49 in Saucier.  Ask for David or Joyce.
  • Comvest Properties on Beauvoir Rd. in Biloxi.  Across from Autozone. 
  • Vintage Station on Courthouse Rd. in Gulfport.  After 5pm.  Just north of the railroad.
  • Bernie’s restaurant in Biloxi.
  • Hallmark Mortgage on Cowan Rd. in Gulfport.  Just north of Hwy. 90.
  • Palazzo CPA’s.  1/2 mile north of I-10 at exit 41/Woolmarket.
  • Any Sleep King location.  Denny Ave. in Pascagoula.  Eisenhower Dr. in Biloxi.  Hwy. 49 in Gulfport next to Best Buy.  Dedeaux Rd. in Gulfport, 1 mile east of Hwy. 49.  Hwy. 90 in Gautier.  Pass Rd. in Gulfport, next to Center Point Energy.  Sangani Blvd. in D’Iberville next to Lowe’s.

Petition Guidelines:

  • Official petition forms are 2-sided legal size. Sheet must have printing on back to be valid. Use official forms.

  • Print name and address as listed on voter rolls (Clerk compares name and address to voter rolls to certify each signature).

  • Yes, petition signers need to be registered to vote in Mississippi for their signatures to count.
  • No P.O. Boxes.

  • Black or blue ink is OK.

  • Don’t worry about precinct or congressional district (not necessary)

  • Keep different counties on separate sheets.

  • Sign at the bottom of the sheet as the circulator.

  • Deliver completed sheets to drop-off points AS THEY ARE COMPLETED (we want to avoid a bottleneck at the Clerks’s office). Our deadline for turning in sheets to the drop-off points is January 31st.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some people will object to signing a political petition, saying they don’t want news to get back to their boss, or to face political retaliation. Answer: We are going to have at least 130,000 signatures on this petition. Nobody is going to go through all these thousands of sheets of paper to check to see if your name is on it.
  • Careful signers may point out there is an exception for people who have religious objections to having their photograph taken and object to this. Answer: I totally understand where you’re coming from, and if I had my druthers I’d prefer that too. However, the lawyers tell us that if we didn’t have this exception in the legal language, the first legal challenge based on a religious objection would overturn the law.


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Limbaugh the Sequel: Is it Possible to Embarrass the NFL?

After the NFL has made a mockery of itself by obsequiously smacking its forehead against the ground on which DeMaurice Smith, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton walk, it is up to NFL fans to find out if it is possible for the NFL to be embarrassed any more. Remember, this is the league that welcomes people convicted of homicide, rape, burglary, wife-beating and dog-fighting back into the players’ ranks. Yet it is also the league that refuses to let a conservative radio personality and lover of the game of football become a minority owner of a team, using vile, racist quotes invented out of whole cloth to smear him.

The question begs to be asked. Can fans embarrass the hell out of the NFL? Not by throwing ice-balls at opposing teams; Not by booing lustily at little kids; Not by wearing nothing but body paint on their torsos in midwinter; But can fans embarrass the hell out of the NFL by making a spectacle of rejecting the new NFL determination to goose-step to the drumbeat of the race hustlers and slanderers of the progressive left?

Some have proposed cutting up team jerseys and sending the pieces to Roger Goodell’s office. Some have proposed canceling your NFL Sunday Ticket. Those are good, and they hit at the wallets of these hypocritical leftist slimeballs, but they are not embarrassing enough. Embarrassing an organization as big and wealthy as the NFL with all its television time and bootlicking local sports reporters requires strategic planning.

Don’t just cut up your stuff. Don’t just cancel. Make a spectacle of it!

How to Make a Spectacle
Continue reading

Go and Mint No More

Clem from the Mint team has requested that nobody who supports Israel give Linux Mint any help or support. It seems that he is one of those fools who believes the propaganda and takes the Palestinian side against Israelis. I don’t help or support Mint now, but I won’t use it either, and neither will anyone I advise. Have a miserable life, Clem, until you realize the truth about the good people you hate and the hateful people you side with.

Now I will go and Mint no more.


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Gulfport/Biloxi MS Tax Day Tea Party

Pass it around!

Gulfport Sportsplex (Directions)
17200 16th St
Gulfport, MS 39503
April 15, 2009 a little bit before 6PM Central Time. If they show up, TV Cameras from WLOX-TV will be there at 6PM so do not be late. Bring a smile, a handshake, a positive attitude and a chair. Don’t expect to find seating at the Sportsplex. Bring a chair. Really.
On December 16, 1773 three tea ships were docked in Boston Harbor. The Collector of Customs for Boston stated that he would not allow the ships to leave the harbor until the tea tax had been paid. The Americans, understanding that if they paid the duty, no matter how small it was, they would acknowledge and reinforce the British Parliament’s right to levy on them any tax it wanted. Some 7,000 angry Bostonians watched the ships that day. That night about 200 men disguised themselves as Indians, marched to the wharf while hooting and hollering, and threw the cargoes of tea into Boston Harbor.

In 1773 the imposition of a relatively petty tax led to the original Boston Tea Party.

In 2008 and 2009 the US Congress ignored emails, faxes, and phone calls from their constituents between 10:1 and 100:1 against the TARP and Stimulus bills and passed them anyway. The result is another $2-$3 trillion of national debt, trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, failed bailouts of failed companies that continue on to bankruptcy, trillions lent to banks that turn around and overcharge customers, and the printing of massive amounts of new money. Congress has become a legislative body that does not represent the people. Americans did not vote for economic chaos, but that is what they got. Tax Day Tea Parties are a protest against taxation gone mad, against local, state, and national governments that expect we the people to sacrifice financially so the government can grow during an economic downturn, against a Congress that does not represent us, and against the foolishness of past government decisions that has landed us in this economic position. If you think that deserves protest, no matter what your political affiliation might be otherwise, please join us.

Be aware there will be attempts to embarrass the Tea Party movement by having infiltrators join demonstrations and act obscene, violent or crazy in front of television cameras. We don’t know if this will happen in Gulfport. Beware anyway.

Pass this around! Be there. Be safe. Have fun. Listen, Learn, and Share.


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Petition to Impeach Five anti-Constitution Supreme Court Justices

I may quibble with the wording of the petition, but I agree with the message, which is that the only recourse the people have to redress the crime the Supreme Court have committed against the Constitution with the Boumedine decision is to demand that the Senate impeach those justices who have flouted the Constitution and ignored their own precedents, all for some sort of “practical” solution to a dispute between those who deem prisoners at Guantanamo war criminals captured in war (and thus explicitly denied rights under the Geneva Convention) and those who see them as foreign nationals kidnapped by US soldiers for no good reason.

Go here and sign.

To: U. S. Congress


We the People of the United States, do hereby demand that our duly elected representatives in both houses of Congress, initiate impeachment proceedings against the following Supreme Court Justices:

We, the undersigned, consider the Supreme Court ruling in Boumediene et al. v. Bush, 06-1195, rendered June 12, 2008, not only unacceptable, but to be in criminal violation of the Justice’s oaths to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Be advised that We the People regard elected officials to be our public servants. Failure to take action against the Justices specified shall be considered support for the decision rendered in the aforementioned case, and will result in our resolve to ensure your defeat in the next election.

Being from myriad political and ideological spectra, we are united in our belief that foreign nationals or enemy combatants held at Guantanamo Bay DO NOT have a right to pursue habeas challenges to their detention.


The Undersigned


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