2010 Vote Fraud: What to Look For

Disingenuous denials aside, there is a lot of vote fraud going on this election cycle. If you are interested in stopping vote fraud instead of promoting it or pretending it doesn’t exist, read through this article by an attorney formerly with the US DOJ voting rights section.

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There’s been lots of talk about voter fraud this election season. Already machines have purportedly preselected candidates and in other places, documents demonstrate non-citizens are registered to vote. Anyone who says voter fraud doesn’t exist has no credibility. I’ve covered elections for over 10 years. I’ve seen it over and over again with my own eyes. I’ve proved it in federal court. It is significantly more common than Sasquatch.

But what does voter fraud look like? What can citizens be on the lookout for when they participate in their election? Let me share some examples:

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