The Last Best Hope (video) #tcot #rs

I love this powerful video. Mary Beth wrote the following in a <a href="“>comment on RedState:

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny…

…and that rendezvous includes not just winning here in 2010… but obliterating.

The task that is upon us now is not just to win more seats than “the other guys”…but to give them a spanking so bad that they walk away from the field, beaten, battered, demoralized…defeated both body and soul.

That rendezvous includes us continuing this into 2012… by electing more Constitutional Conservatives to the House and Senate and of course the White House…

…and then BEYOND. We MUST see our task as one that will not end with a new President. We must understand that we have decades and DECADES of both Democrat and Republican policies and programs and agencies…statist policies and programs and agencies… that MUST be defunded, dismantled and thrown to the ash heap of history.

Our rendezvous with destiny is to return our government to its Constitutional limits and to restore the power back to the people.

This is not a two year task. This is not a four year task.

This is a war for the very soul of our Republic. And just as we must win the global war on terror against the Islamofascists who wish to destroy us from without…we must win the war against the totalitarian statists who wish to destroy us from within.

This is not just an UNDO of 2008.

This is the GREAT UNDO… of many decades of our neglect and many decades of their corruption.

This November, we are sending our first major volley. This video reminds us of the history and the stakes.

What side will you stand on?