Send a Postcard to Barbara Boxer

Paris, London,Punta Mita Mexico, are some of the far-flung destinations that may appeal to Barbara Boxer after she retires from the Senate. Send her a post card.


2 thoughts on “Send a Postcard to Barbara Boxer

  1. Hey Nuke,

    I like Amplify so far. It makes it easy to blog and micro-blog on several platforms at once. For instance, I create my clipping or other post on Amp. It forwards the result to this wordpress blog and my blogspot backup blog. The RSS feed from this blog goes to my facebook account. And Amplify sends out a tweet to the Amplify location. This makes it go out all over the place, which is really nice. The only thing it doesn’t cover is RedState and since I pretty much reserve that for extra-good posts, that’s okay by me.

    Cheers, LJ

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