Obama is a Gay Alien: What?

Is this what it comes down to? A very far left activist for NORML walks around in a TEA Party event wearing his shirt like a lumberjack’s hussy and carrying a crazy sign claiming that Obama is a Gay Space Alien. When will the leftist crazypants learn they can’t infiltrate TEA Party events with their crazy rants and make TEA Partiers look crazy? They just make the TEA Partiers look extra sane compared to their crazypants, and crazyshirts, lunacy. And they convince even more ordinary Americans that the media, which takes these fruitbats seriously, doesn’t allow any facts into its product.

Check it out, check it outers.


2 thoughts on “Obama is a Gay Alien: What?

  1. Well, at least part of that would be incorrect. I have seen little evidence of gaiety in The 0’s demeanor of late. If the sign-bearer meant homosexual space alien, well even that may be stretching things a tad, as he seems to project more and more an air of asexuality…

  2. The sign holder was a leftist idiot trying to make tea partiers look stupid. I’d rather not speculate on Obama’s sexuality in public, so let’s not go there.

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