Meggie Mac, Meggie Mac, Where Have You Been?

You’ve been to a gaybar to talk to a queen.

But that’s about all that can be discerned from Meggie Mac’s book: A profound sympathy for homosexuals. The writing, the thinking, the technical details of punctuation and sentence structure, the understanding of campaigns, security, and the reality of politics, are terrible. Read as Leon Wolf dissects this book as a public service to all who might otherwise make the pitiful mistake of reading it, or God forbid, putting it on their Visa card.

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It is impossible to read Dirty, Sexy Politics and come away with the impression that you have read anything other than the completely unedited ramblings of an idiot.  This being a professional website for which I have a great deal of respect, I searched for a more eloquent or gentle way to accurately phrase the previous sentence – but could not find one.