Philly takes steps to shut down 104 year old church bell

In the Philadelphia working class suburb of Manayunk, the local government has begun proceedings to force a 179 year old Catholic church to stop ringing the bell to call worshipers to morning Mass.

Compare this to the behavior of New York City in supporting the Ground Zero Mosque. Is the government actually enforcing some kind of separation of church and state or attacking religion, and only Christian religion at that?

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For 104 years, the bell at St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in hilly, blue-collar Manayunk has joyfully summoned the faithful to prayer, celebrated marriages, and marked the ends of wars.

Now, in a city whose many sacred symbols include a cracked bell, someone has filed a complaint to silence St. John’s 5,000-pound bronze casting.

Not completely. Just in the morning. At 7. That’s when it rings 18 times for the Angelus.

The official reason: It’s too loud.

The Rev. James A. Lyons, pastor of St. John’s, received a warning letter last week from the city Health Department.

The missive threatened the 179-year-old church with fines of up to $700 per day if the pealing bell is found to violate the city’s 2006 noise law