Tea Party Folks, this is what YOU can do to Win Big in November

Blogging doesn’t bring in votes. Facebooking doesn’t bring in votes. This is what YOU can do to start to turn around the direction America is taking, away from despair, bankruptcy and totalitarianism and towards freedom, risk, and increasing wealth. You need to become active in getting out the vote, and you need to get five other people to do the same thing. It is like an MLM but nobody is going to be mad at you after because they didn’t make their money back. It isn’t going to be easy. Expect to be rejected by most of the people you contact. But it needs to be done.

The TEA Parties outnumber Big Labor and the other socialist groups who pushed Obamacare through against the angry resistance of the American people. But the TEA Parties don’t have the institutional knowledge and apparatus for getting people into the voting booths on November 2, let alone all the dirty tricks and voting dead people that the left bring out every four years. The unions alone have pledged to spend almost a billion dollars to protect their socialist puppets in congress this year, and put a million boots on the ground to get out votes for their destructive agenda. We outnumber them! We do not out-organize them. And that is what the ConcordProject is all about: Organizing. Republicans are led by a nice guy, but a weak leader, who does not have a plan to get out our voters. This is the plan to get our voters out and WIN by such a huge margin that Democrats can’t cheat their way into office.

Al Franken, Christine Gregoire, anybody? Bueller?

Don’t let it happen again. This victory needs to be crushing if we are to turn America’s course around without more damage. So my fellow TEA Party fans, read this. Go to the ConcordProject. Sign up. And that is the beginning of the beginning.

We have a lot to do in the next 50 days.

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What the ConcordProject isn’t is just “a good plan”. It is THE PLAN, of this I am certain. Candidates can use it. So can ordinary citizens who are willing to get off the couch and actually make a difference. It’s missing only one thing; YOU and every other YOU you can find. Yeah, it needs a few bucks, but mostly what it needs is for everyone to pledge just a fraction of the rolled-up sleeves, dirty fingernails and sweat these guys have already surrendered. Just a fraction. Become a Leader of One…to the Power of Five (which you’ll find on Concord’s Home Page) then make sure each of your converts becomes Leaders of One to that same Power of 5, etc, etc. It’s really that simple.

You can go about this in several ways, from a one-on-one, face-to-face approach with your neighbor or co-worker, to a back yard cook-out, to finding a venue to give a talk…Tea Party/Patriot event, business club, etc.

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