Voting With Your Wallet: Are You Voting to Bankrupt America?

How long will it take unions to bankrupt the US government? It won’t take long with the healthcare highjack, union pension fund bailouts on the horizon, and the demise of social security and medicare speeding at us ever faster. Are you helping to fund the destruction of the US by purchasing union-made merchandise? Maybe you should rethink that.

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The question in the title of this post is more rhetorical because, in answer to the question, we are all (to varying degrees) helping to fund the demise of America and, for most of us, we are doing it every day.  In so many ways, we do it every time a decision is made to purchase something—anything—be it groceries, appliances, and even bigger ticket items like vehicles.


For example, the new Chevy Camaro is a hot looking car.  By all accounts, in addition to its looks, the Camaro fast and affordable.  But, despite all of its cool accouterments, I won’t buy one.

Moreover, despite owning two trucks that are American made (read: union-made), a significant principle was breached over these past two years that, for the foreseeable future, will not be undone. You see, it was bad enough when the UAW banned the marines from using the union parking lot (before the union quickly retracted it) a few years ago, but when the UAW’s new boss, Bob King, recently reiterated the UAW’s ban on nonunion-made vehicles in the union’s parking lot (even if made by Americans in American plants), that cinched it.

Much like those who refuse to buy British Petroleum because of the gulf oil spill, a personal decision was made to, whenever possible, not spend money on companies whose employees’ union dues are being used to help bankrupt America, whose union bosses shamelessly and egregiously are currying special favors from political puppets, transforming the nation to to a quasi-socialist state, all the while demonizing people who believe in freedom.  It’s that simple.




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