The Price of Allowing Illegal Immigration, part 3,452,398

This time around it is illegally immigrating aliens themselves who are murdered by the drug smugglers and drug gangs who lay claim to the smuggling corridors through which the illegal aliens are smuggled. Let’s see, so far the open Mexican border with the US has created a drug gang threat to the Mexican government, killed lots of Americans in their homes, turned Phoenix into the kidnapping capital of the US, dumped tons of Mexican hash and heroin on American streets, killed vacationers in Mexican border cities, killed locals in Mexican border cities, killed police all over Mexico, and now caused a mass murder of 72 illegally immigrating aliens from other central and south american nations to the US. Still think it is harmless?

Oh yeah, and it is responsible for California being ready to go bankrupt. Whatever you think about the money, and it’s clear that the left cares most about money since that’s always their answer, doesn’t anyone on the left think or care about the lives that are lost from this tragic, failed, open border policy?

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MEXICO CITY—Gunmen from a drug cartel appear to have massacred 72 migrants from Central and South America who were on their way to the U.S., a grisly event that marks the single biggest killing in Mexico’s war on organized crime.

Agencia Reforma

Mexican marines on Wednesday guard the hospital where the sole survivor of the massacre is being treated.



Mexican marines discovered the 72 bodies—58 men and 14 women —on Tuesday after the lone survivor of the massacre, a wounded migrant from Ecuador, stumbled into a Navy checkpoint the previous day and told of being shot on Monday at a nearby ranch, Mexican officials said on Wednesday.

When the marines went to investigate, they were met with a hail of gunfire from cartel gunmen holed up at the ranch, which sits 90 miles from the U.S. border. One marine and three alleged gunmen died during a two-hour battle, which ended when the gunmen fled in a fleet of SUVs, leaving behind a cache of weapons.

The Ecuadorean migrant told investigators that his captors identified themselves as members of the Zetas drug gang, said Vice Adm. Jose Luis Vergara, a spokesman for the Mexican navy.