The Oil, the Bugs, and the Enviros

Read this and laugh at the natural processes of our world and how they expose our petty concerns with the sunshine of the truth.

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Scientists have discovered a hitherto-unknown oil-chomping microbes in the cold, briny depths of the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to find free oil out in the Gulf, either on the surface or in a subsurface plume, a little more than a month after the flow from the Macondo well was controlled.

If you’re a bacteria, the BP spill was like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner all in one. Nom-nom.

Which really shouldn’t come as a surprise to one who knows a thing or two about the natural environment of the Gulf. Given that a million or so barrels seep by natural processes every year into the Gulf, one would expect that specialized organisms would evolve to process it.