The Camera Can Look Both Ways

Are we in the age of Big Brother, where a huge and hugely powerful government watches and regulates all who unfortunately fall in its grasp? Or are we in the age of Little Brother, where the people with their digital media and Youtube accounts hold the ability to call government bureaucrats to heel and drive bad ones out of government employ entirely?

The Gay Patriot asks these questions and more.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the prospects of the much feared age of “Big Brother” — where the Government knows all and uses that information to suppress.  And as dedicated readers know, my view of America and our past and future was radically altered after I read the book “The Fourth Turning.”

Clearly there are a lot of elements to Orwell’s vision that have arrived — too many to list, but originating with the Bush-era Department of Homeland Security.  But recently, I’ve thought about a new phenomenon that turns “1984″ upside down. 

I’ve also been pondering (under the influence of “The Fourth Turning”) whether or not the United States is in a “low grade civil war” (here and here) and whether it will become a “hot” one.  Yesterday’s Investor’s Business Daily has an editorial that combines all of these ideas and lays it on the line.