The Elitist Party of the Underdog

You would think that a political party that constantly calls for social justice, income leveling by means of extremely progressive income taxes, crippling regulations and taxes on business, and punishment of people who succeed would be in favor of keeping expenses down. Not so much when it comes to the Democrats.

First, John Kerry is having a rough time with the story about his $7 million yacht. Seems that instead of having it built in Massachusetts by American union shipbuilders he had it built in New Zealand. Good way to dodge those union gangsters, Johnny boy! Then he brought it to the US and docked it in Rhode Island instead of Massachusetts so he wouldn’t have to pay $500 thousand in sales tax to Massachusetts. Further, if he keeps it in RI he won’t have to pay the yearly luxury tax to Massachusetts for owning a yacht.

Second, Chelsea Clinton is going to get married this weekend in the most expensive and secretive wedding anyone can remember. It’s going to cost about $3 to $5 million of the $100+ million worth of cheese Hillary and Bill have been socking away since they absconded from the White House with the china and cutlery and all the “W” keys from the computers. Who is Chelsea marrying? She is marrying Marc Mezvinsky, the son of Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky. Margolies-Mezvinsky was a former newscaster and one-term Democrat Representative, wealthy in her own right, whose vote for Clinton’s massively unpopular 1993 budget doomed her re-election chances and led to the 1994 Republican takeover of the House. Lots of foreign dignitaries will be there with donations for mommy Hillary’s warchest. Plus Oprah.

Third, Michelle Obama and daughter are jetting off to Spain to the Hotel Villa Padierno, a Ritz-Carlton hotel in Marbella. They will be meeting the King and Queen of Spain. They will drag some 30 friends along with them, and put them up in suites and rooms at the hotel. Plus US Government pays for security for everyone. You know, this must be why Michelle said that people shouldn’t go to work for for-profit firms, but should work for non-profits and government instead. The perks and money are much better in government if you arrange things the Obama way! Rooms at this hotel run between $336 and $2850 per night.

So far I didn’t mention the weirdest part of this. The President’s loving wife is jet-setting off to Spain on August 4, the President’s birthday! How is that for a slap in the face, Mister President? But you know what she is doing for her lovey dovey? Michelle asked everyone to send President Obama their birthday wishes. Yeah, it’s too much trouble for his wife to stay home and wish him the best, so why doesn’t the whole country, or at least all the plebes who don’t have enough class to get invited to Marbella on the US Government’s dime, take care of wishing him well? You know it isn’t a good sign when your wife leaves on vacation without you on your birthday, right Pres? This combines one of those warning with an exclamation point moments with a ridiculously expensive jaunt to visit an old fashioned king and queen.

Obama Bows to Emperor Hirohito

On further thought… Maybe it’s good Barry isn’t going. He would be sure to bow low to King Carlos, after all.

Be sure to wish the poor President, who is sure to be going out bachelor style, the best for his birthday.

Because that’s how the Party of the Underdog rolls…