Skilled Immigrants go away, the USA wants unskilled lawbreakers instead

The US Federal Government bureaucracy is making it hard for H1B visa applicants to get approval, so the influx of skilled immigrants to the US is dropping like a ton of bricks. At the same time, the Feds are filing a lawsuit against Arizona to keep the unfettered flow of illegal and unskilled aliens immigrating immigrating into the country. This is definitely what the US needs, right? Fewer skilled people and more unskilled people so the US can be more like a 3rd world country. Poor too. Kind of like Kenya or France (/irony).

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News Analysis: The weak U.S. economy and more stringent scrutiny from an often hostile immigration bureaucracy has caused a sharp increase in the number of unused H-1B work visa slots.

The flagging U.S. economy is a major reason why nearly 40,000 H-1B visa application slots are currently unused, and an
additional 9,000 slots in the Masters Exemption program are still open.

This is a significant drop in applications from previous
years, according to immigration attorney Kellie Lego, managing attorney of the
MVP Law Group in Burtonsville, Md., near Washington, D.C. “It has to do a lot with
the economy and the issue of unemployment in the U.S.,” Lego said. She said
that a few major corporations are continuing to bring employees into the United States
on H-1B visas, but that the overall numbers have shown a huge decrease.