Walk for Work in IL-9 and Fight the Democrats’ Private Job Killing Agenda

Jan Schakowsky has been busy voting for bills that drive people out of work in IL-9 and other districts all over the country. Joel Pollak, who is running against her this year, is calling her out for her job destroying votes with a walk through the district. He is also setting up a jobs center where employers in IL-9 who do have jobs can post them and people who need jobs can get them.

Pretty cool!

Amplify’d from walkforwork.org

The only way to create jobs in our district is to vote out Jan Schakowsky.

That is why the Pollak for Congress Campaign (IL-9) is hosting  “Joel for Jobs: A Walk for Work” on Sunday July 25, 2010.  Joel Pollak and supporters will be walking down Dempster Street from the beach in Evanston to the campaign office in Niles, about 8 miles. This walk will help raise awareness about the unemployment and the economic situation in the 9th district–and Joel’s solutions.

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