Fact Check: Whose Economic Mess?

It’s the mess of the Democrats in the Senate and House. Randal Hoven explains:

Who controls Congress might just make a difference in economic affairs – more than who is President.  (The President still wields primary power in foreign affairs, as both head of state and commander-in-chief.)  Examine the graph below, for example.  It shows the unemployment rate over the last 25 years.  (Data source is the Bureau of Labor Statistics.)  I color-coded the line to be red when the Senate was Republican, and blue when Democrat.

Senate control and unemployment

And yet Democrats, both those in power and those who voted for the hopechange express, continually claim that Obama is not and never will be responsible for the bad economy. They will always blame it on Bush, no matter how long it lasts or how bad Obama and the Reid-Pelosi Axis make it.


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3 thoughts on “Fact Check: Whose Economic Mess?

  1. I mean how can you not blame the republicans? The democratic congress is always in control of a rising unemployment rate. Although it is debatable as to how much barring this has on the economy.

  2. Timmy, Thanks for commenting. It sounds like you think a RISING UNEMPLOYMENT RATE is something of which Democrats should be proud. I like it better when the Unemployment rate goes down, myself, and think that Democrat forced increases in Unemployment (from minimimum wage legislation, Union giveaways, etc) are a bad thing.

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