Wayward Republicans need to be herded back to civilization

Want to see what is wrong with the Republicans in elected office? Take a look at the following table from Pew.

Republicans' Road to Ruin

Republicans' Road to Ruin

Allahpundit has plenty more. But that table shows where the Republican party has been going wrong for the last 10 years or so. It shows the Republicans have been doing the wrong thing so long it might not be possible to recover. But I still think it’s worth trying to rescue the Republican party from its so-called leaders who have tried to turn it from the party of fiscal responsibility and economic strength into the “slightly less socialist than the Democrats party.”

UPDATE: We are the cowpokes we’ve been waiting for. Let’s ride!

Thanks to David Hinz for the youtube idea!


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One thought on “Wayward Republicans need to be herded back to civilization

  1. Dhimmicraps “…helping the poor and needy… is a sad, sick joke. That “War on Poverty” thing has worked out sooo well, now hasn’t it? Breeding dependence on the “feddle gummint” and otherwise making things worse and worse for their target population, perpetuating and exacerbating the problems in order to make the most political hay from them.

    And “representing working people” by imposing policies that worsen their conditions and rob them of liberty is proving a great success in forwarding crises largely created by Dhims (and Repugnican’t Dhimmicraps Lite) in rder to benefit the political elite and their likeminded vampires in the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind and Academia NutFruitcake Bakeries.


    I’m for a two-party system, but the Uniparty we have now needs to be replaced by a genuine two-party system (or more–I could go for a “coalition” government that had a great deal of difficulty doing ANYTHING as opposed to ther current “do anything to protect OUR~power as political elite and screw The People).

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