CAFE Standard Death Traps

Under the 2009 CAFE Standards put into place in the USA last week we will be forced to put our families into cars like the SmartCar, cars that look like this after getting into accidents.

Portrait of a Death Trap

Portrait of a Death Trap

Doug Ross compiles tons of information about these death traps. Read it all.


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6 thoughts on “CAFE Standard Death Traps

    • God bless the ones who served and gave their all.
      God bless the ones who serve our country still.
      God keep them and protect them else they fall,
      And bring them safely home if it’s His will.


  1. You’ll notice that the SmartCar was crunched by what looks to be a massive SUV, one of the deadliest types of vehicles, statistically, on the road. If more people were driving SMART vehicles, and others like it, there would be no such accidents…or far FAR fewer.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      To me it looks as if it ran into a semi-truck. Now unless there is no shipping and interstate trade whatsoever, itsy bitsy little cars, scooters, and Segways with training wheels are all going to run into big trucks. The result is going to be lots of highway deaths. But this isn’t something people think about when they’re trying to save Gaia from humanity. They want to kill more people, because, well, because they’re not sure why… but it just seems right.

      Do you have kids? Are you going to put your kids in the front seat of a Segway or the back seat of a Smart Car? With no power to get you out of trouble, insufficient brakes to slow down when loaded with people, such light weight the car tumbles end over end when it gets into an accident, and no crumple resistance at all, it is a deathtrap. In the 1960s Nader would have written a sequel to Unsafe at Any Speed about it.

  2. Hello friends, the car in the picture is NOT a Smart Car, the car in the picture is a VolksWaggen “Fox” (in Brasil) or “Lupo” (in Mexico). The VW Fox is sold in Brasil and Mexico and even in some markets in South Amercia. Actually, that accident ocurred in Mexico some years ago. Just see the back lights and you can see that car is not a Smart, it is and VW.

    Good regards.

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