I reject Left v. Right: I am a Conservative Liberal

I am a Conservative Liberal.

That’s a strange thing to say. What does this mean? Does this mean I’m in the middle, a squishy centrist? I was once a registered Democrat. Then a registered Independent. Now I’m a registered Republican. Does that make me right-wing? No.

Am I left or right or center? No. None of these describe me accurately.

Left and Right are both freedom hating European (French mostly) political divisions, based on the seating arrangements in the French revolutionary parliament. The left are Jacobin, socialist, communist, or fascist. The right are royalist. Both are collectivist, statist ideologies that believe all property belongs to the ruler and all laws are but the ruler’s whim enacted for the benefit of the ruler. Everyone else is a serf, a slave condemned to live in misery and poverty on the land as the ruler commands. The center don’t believe in socialism or royal rule, but they still think the government owns everything and makes it available to the people.

They are all wrong! Left is wrong. Right is wrong. And center is wrong.

I am a conservative when it comes to the American foundational principles and values. And I am a real liberal, if you define a liberal as someone who values freedom and ordered liberty. I believe in individual freedom and liberty: that’s what a liberal is. I believe in free people and free markets. I believe in God. I believe in human life. I believe that the founders were inspired by God when they wrote the Declaration, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the other founding documents. And I believe that all federal officials, who take oaths to protect and defend the Constitution, must protect the plain meaning of the words of the Constitution, because any other interpretation is only making it up as you go. I believe that federal officials who behave differently have betrayed the US, some criminally.

So now that you know what I mean by it, are you a conservative liberal like me?


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8 thoughts on “I reject Left v. Right: I am a Conservative Liberal

  1. R.A. Lafferty wrote in “The Flame is Green”:

    “Things are set up as contraries that are not even in the same category. Listen to me: the opposite of radical is superficial; the opposite of liberal is stingy; the opposite of conservative is destructive. Thus I will describe myself as a radical conservative liberal; but certain of the tainted red fish will swear that there can be no such fish as that. Beware of those who use words to mean their opposites. At the same time have pity on them, for usually this trick is their only stock in trade. But do not pity them overly, it is your own death and your soul’s death that they work by their deception.”

  2. When you define things like that then yes I am a conservative liberal, but I prefer to go by a term that was given to me by a late teacher of mine: Libertarian.

    If it was up to me I’d still be teetering on the edge of calling myself an Anarcho-Capitalist.

  3. There’s no need to make up words to describe your position. You are a Libertarian. Welcome! 🙂

  4. “And I am a real liberal, if you define a liberal as someone who values freedom and ordered liberty.”

    Actually that would make you “Confused.”

    All of our politics must be defined relative to the Constitution. If you interpret it Liberally, then you are a liberal. If you interpret conservatively, then you are a conservative.

    But i could be wrong, I often am.

    • 3 Qs

      What date is it?

      Was I dreaming that the November 2008 elections hadn’t happened yet?

      Really, Rocky, what in the world are you writing about?

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