Opposing Sotomayor: A Line in the Sand

As Andrew C. McCarthy wrote on Tuesday, “It’s not the rule of law, it’s the rule of lawyers: That’s the central message conveyed by Pres. Barack Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor.” She is, after all, widely admired among the Obamanist left for her empathy, not her temperament or wisdom. That plus her compelling life story and her love of Nancy Drew mysteries.

We also know that she has had many of her decisions reversed on appeal by the Supreme Court, that she is argumentative and unpleasant, that she believes the place of a judge is to create policy, rather than to apply the law impartially, and that she believes her race and gender make her better than whites or men.

Racism does not have a good track record. It’s been tried a long time. And you would think by now that we’d want to put an end to it instead of putting it under new management.

(Thomas Sowell, 5/27/09 on the Glenn Beck Show)

Democrats and the partisan Democrat media have started their campaign for Sotomayor by blackmailing Republicans; saying if they oppose her that Republicans will never get another Hispanic vote. And they are also preemptively accusing Republicans of hypocrisy because George H. W. Bush mentioned upon nominating him that Clarence Thomas’s inspirational life story should arouse Americans’ empathy. Continue reading

BREAKING – North Korea Declares War? Maybe Not

Basically this is unsubstantiated so far. I’ve been getting twitter updates up the wazoo. Here is what I have heard. So far it is rumor, and I will update as I find out more.

One thing to keep in mind is that North Korea engages in sword-waving pretty frequently. This may not be a serious threat. But it sure sounds like more of a serious threat than it usually does.

South Korea’s decision from earlier today to join the anti-proliferation treaty has served as an excuse for North Korea to state that it takes that as a Declaration of War against it. North Korea has stated it is withdrawing from the Armistice. Also that this returns the Korean peninsula to a state of war.


Breaking Tweets
Lots of updates here. As Breaking Tweets mentions, this was first broadcast on Twitter by @BreakingNews, which may have exaggerated the state of affairs. CNN @iDesk is fact-checking.
Yonhap News Agency, South Korea
SEOUL, May 27 (Yonhap) — North Korea said Wednesday that it will no longer be bound to the Korean War armistice and will militarily respond to any foreign attempt to inspect its ships, denouncing South Korea’s participation in a U.S.-led security campaign as a “declaration of war.”

“As declared to the world, our revolutionary forces will consider the full participation in the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) by the Lee Myung-bak group of traitors as a declaration of war against us,” the North’s permanent military mission to the joint security area said. […]

11:23PM CDT: AP at Breitbart confirms. Morning Update
This decision comes after North Korea set off a nuclear bomb in a test, fired five missiles that are capable of reaching Japan, and restarted its shut-down nuclear plant. South Korea responded by stating it would join with the US and stop and search North Korean ships under the Proliferation Security Initiative.

11:33PM CDT: Michelle Malkin is on it
“Joe Biden said our dear leader would soon be tested.” [Read it all.]
11:43PM CDT: Fox News
More backstory, all in one place, with lots of relevant links.
Nothing yet at Kyodo News in Japan
Maybe they think this is just another one of Kim Jung Il’s wacky stunts.
FP Passport – North Korea like you’ve never seen it
Project to map the secret parts of North Korea by Curtis Melvin, PHD
Bookworm Room

@Lileks tweets “So: a country tests a nuke and a passel of missiles, announces it is the subject of a declaration of war, and we wonder what they’re up to. We have the same reaction to everything the Norks do: the wolf who cried boy. That may need adjusting.”

@kurulounge tweets: “@HeyTammyBruce when i was stationed in korea this was a regular occurence. don’t worry until they start moving troops”

North Korea Threatens Armed Strike, End to Armistice Bloomberg
By Heejin Koo May 27 (Bloomberg) — North Korea threatened military action in response to South Korea joining a program to seize weapons shipments, …

BREAKING: North Korea Ends ’53 Armistace from Dane101

BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Rumored to Be Withdrawing from Armistice from Daily Kos

12:12AM CDT: While I hope they’re awake and sweating this in the White House, CNN, and all the news agencies, nothing more is coming across the wires. I’m going to put this to bed and go to sleep myself.

Good night!


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30 Years to Electrical Grid Collapse and Renewable Energy Won’t Cut It

Ralph Ellis writes Renewable energy – our downfall? over at Watts Up With That. Anthony Watts introduces the article thusly:

For the record, let me say that I support some of the renewable energy ideas, even putting money where my mouth is, putting solar on my own home and a local school. However, neither project would have been possible without state subsidies. For renewable energy to work in our economy, it must move past the government  subsidy stage and become more efficient. It took over a hundred years t create our current energy infrastructure, anyone who believes we can completely rebuild it with the current crop of renewable energy technologies is not realistic. – Anthony

Mr. Ellis talks about all the technologies available, both the renewable and unreliable choices and the nuclear option. Then he gets down to the wall we are racing towards.

We have about 30 or so years before the shortage of oil becomes acute and our economies and Steam Powered Fire Engine societies begin to falter, and that is not very much time in which to alter our entire energy production industry. It is like relying on the Victorians to plan ahead and ensure that we still had a viable civilisation in the 1930s. And while the Victorians were both successful and resourceful, history demonstrates that new sources of raw materials were never actively planned until the old sources were in desperately short supply or worked-out completely. However, the introduction of a new, nationwide power generating system is an extremely long-term investment, and if we are to make this change without a dramatic interruption to our energy supplies (and our society) we need foresight, vision and a quick decision. What we need is a tough, educated, talented, rational leader to take a difficult but responsible decision to dramatically increase our nuclear energy production capability. However, what we have in the UK is Gordon Brown!

He has Brown. We have Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the Gaia worshipping Voluntary Human Extinction Green Movement, and the partisan media. None of these people or organizations can overcome their own rectal-cranial inversions long enough to see where we are going. They shall have to be expelled from any position of responsibility or influence if they don’t remove themselves voluntarily.

Highly recommended. Read the whole thing, including the very educational comments.


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Federalism Amendments – Reload

Randy Barnett continues to work on the Bill of Federalism (previously blogged on here). His updated version is here (PDF).

The Bill of Federalism was drafted by Professor Randy Barnett of Georgetown University Law School and is supported by The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition. You can support The Bill of Federalism by downloading the pdf above and delivering it, via email or print, to your local state legislator, requesting that they introduce a bill in their legislative body to petitition Congress to hold a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of passing all 10 amendments of The Bill of Federalism. You can find local contacts to help you in your state here.

So Barnett is moving ahead with the plan to advance it through the states. Individuals are to print the PDF out and give copies to their state and federal representatives, while explaining why it’s a great idea.

I’m still thinking the last clause is the hardest part of that plan to actually perform.


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Goode Family looks Great!

The Goode Family is the new project from Mike Judge. If I were forced to pitch it in a sentence, it is a satire of greens, vegans, Algoracle, and political correctness that is to King of the Hill what Futurama was to the Simpsons. Except it looks like it raises KotH on funniness instead of being less funny, the opposite of what Futurama did to the Simpsons.


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Wayward Republicans need to be herded back to civilization

Want to see what is wrong with the Republicans in elected office? Take a look at the following table from Pew.

Republicans' Road to Ruin

Republicans' Road to Ruin

Allahpundit has plenty more. But that table shows where the Republican party has been going wrong for the last 10 years or so. It shows the Republicans have been doing the wrong thing so long it might not be possible to recover. But I still think it’s worth trying to rescue the Republican party from its so-called leaders who have tried to turn it from the party of fiscal responsibility and economic strength into the “slightly less socialist than the Democrats party.”

Continue reading