EXPOSED: Top Level Left Wing Conspiracy of Lies in the UK

British Labour Party officials, working at party headquarters, on the clock, on and around January 13 this year, invented and chortled over the most vile and indefensible slurs, smears, and lies they could think of to launch against Conservative Party politicians in the weeks leading up to the elections this fall. They even sent their smears and plans around in email, and praised themselves on how “brilliant” they were!

I bet everyone reading this can see where this is heading!

In a lesson of how the left works, as if we Americans who have had to deal with the media’s and the left’s (but I repeat myself) unhealthy obsession with Sarah Palin’s relatives didn’t know that this was happening on our shores as well, a blogger called Guido Fawkes received email plans originally from the office of the freaking Prime Minister at No. 10 Downing St. on how to smear Conservatives in Parliament prior to this fall’s elections. And Fawkes (whose real name is Paul Staines) released them to News of the World, among other places. Continue reading