Fundamental dishonesty and malevolence: The Left’s modus operandi

Let’s play a guessing game. Last week I watched an interview on TV.  The interviewer, working in a union shop, interviewed a pro-union leader, whose national operation is a non-union shop. The interviewer works for a for-profit company that pays lots of taxes. The interviewee works for a non-profit organization that doesn’t pay taxes. The interviewer gives 20% of his pre-tax income to charity. The interviewee gives 2% of his pre-tax income to the same organization he works for and no other charities. The interviewer was raised in poverty and had to go to work right out of high school. Everything he has earned has come from his hard work. The interviewee went to a Catholic university in Canada his parents paid for and then finished a master’s program in Economics, then went to work for an anti-American organization that was funded by a foreign government. Now he is the chairman of that organization.

Who were these people?

The interviewee was Sam Webb, the president of the Communist Party USA ( It was an anti-American organization funded by the USSR until its fall. The interviewer was Glenn Beck, modern-day Cassandra and bane of the neo-commie far left.

The Communist Party of the United States of America runs probably the only weekly publication in New York City that is non-union. How is it that an influential publication that constantly advocates for workers’ unions and that reaches into the fiercely pro-union bowels of the Democrat party does not have, let alone require union representation in its shop? Does it have anything to do with the suppression of labor unions in the former USSR, China, the former Warsaw Pact, and Cuba? The CPUSA chairman Sam Webb, who claims improbably to live in New York City on a salary of $26,000, and who has held his job as a sinecure since being named as the successor to Gus Hall, believes in unions for everybody’s business but his own. That is almost as unbelievable as his claim to live in Manhattan with a wife and child on $26,000. By the way, something struck me as curious. Webb’s lifetime appointment to chairman of his organization preemptively shatters any and all claims by the CPUSA and like-minded socialist and communist organizations to value democratic principles. Any so-called “democratic” values held by the CPUSA are not democratic at all, but are lies intended to distract and fool those who don’t comprehend the fundamental dishonesty and malevolence of the CPUSA and other socialist/communist organizations operating in the US and elsewhere.

This is not a reason to despair. Communist and socialist ideas (and fascist too, for fascism is just another form of socialism) are dictatorial caveman economics with the iron fisted caveman political systems non-functioning economic systems require to maintain power over their miserable citizenry. They will function, if function is defined to mean keep the people cowed and starving under the iron fist of a tyrant. But for those who have a higher standard for function, such as allowing the people to live in freedom, to better themselves, and to increase their family’s opportunities for happiness, tyranny won’t do as a synonym and socialism will never do as a system.

Remember these things and cheer up. We must become happy warriors who fear not to enter into the elitist dens of the left. We will alternately be damned as unwashed hoi polloi and as the lapdogs of the corporate overlords by the governmental elitists and their groupies. The answer is to laugh and stride laughing into intellectual battle. In such a battle our weapons are true, our victory inevitable. They will use personal attacks, logical fallacies, and violence to upset the board when they realize they are losing. But even in the face of their bad faith, we can win. Remember, nothing gets on the nerves of a socialist elitist more than having his or her clock cleaned by a happy warrior who dismantles every argument and laughs at how easy it is. Sure they laugh a lot. But it is sarcastic, cynical, mocking laughter: not a joyful, positive exaltation of inner happiness. Angels laugh one way; devils another.

Promise with me to tell the truth and keep your laughter close. The conservatives’ part, our part, will be to laugh as angels laugh. That and and the truth will be enough.


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