Four Days Until the Inauguration and the Obameter is already Ticking

The St. Petersburg Times put together a list of 510 campaign promises Obama made and promises to keep track of how he does with the list. As the paper reports, this list has more promises in it than the first term campaign promises from Clinton in 1992 and Bush in 2000 combined together. Bill Clinton made 204. George W. Bush made 177.

  • Reverse Global Warming
  • Lower the Seas
  • Keep Jerusalem United
  • Split Jerusalem
  • Talk to Terror Sponsors without Preconditions
  • Establish reasonable preconditions before speaking with Terror Sponsors

Those are some of the promises the Obameter does not list. Oddly enough the first one has already happened, so I’m not sure why it isn’t listed since it’s a gimme for the Chosen One, Lord Barack Hopechange Obama the Most Perspicacious. Failure to take advantage of global coldening aside, they do give Obama a gimme for his promise to require taxpayers to report the basis of capital investments for capital gains taxes, which has already been passed by Congress.

We should be keeping track of Obama’s promises too. But we might want to focus on some of the ones that Obama and the Obamamedia won’t remember with so much fondness, such as the President level meeting with Iran’s President, or Obama’s promises from his first big speech in 2004 to strive for a post-racial world.


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