It would be awesome if we could dance to Electric Six!

I saw “Dick Valentine,” the lead singer of Electric Six, on a Red Eye rerun last night and was intrigued. It turns out that his style of music is satirical, using a disco base with punk sensibilities to make points not unfamiliar to Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. Plus, he isn’t a knee-jerk liberal tool. E6 is  most certainly not family friendly (see Gay Bar). Yet for old timers like me, who grew up on the Ramones and the Sex Pistols, it is mother’s milk. I’ve chosen three mostly non-offensive videos as a sampler of the Electric Six style.

Let’s start with their cover of “Radio Ga Ga,” in which E6 pay tribute to Queen and Freddie Mercury while literally dancing on Freddie Mercury’s grave.

Next, experience “Synthesizer” and wonder at the glorious absurdity of Electric Six.

“You can trip on my synthesizer. Electronic world for every boy and every girl. You can trip on my synthesizer. In the end technology unto the world will set us free.”

Finally, “it would be awesome if we could dance” like the “Dance Commander.” “I want to make it last forever!”


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