England’s Pukka Days are Gone, Yobboes, Scum, Splopey Dopes Reign On

The United Kingdom has been going to hell in a handbasket through a combination of political correctness run amok plus uniquely virulent Anglo-Saxon self-flagellation (Look to the beam in your own eye before you tend to the splinter in another’s, and all that). At this point Brits need to understand there are beams in “the other’s” eye that need lots of attention. I’d also argue Brits need the restoration of the legal right to self defense on the sceptered isle. By transferring money from those who work (disincentivizing work) to those who refuse to work (encouraging slacking), and punishing law-abiding citizens who defend themselves against violent attackers (demoralizing the law-abiding and encouraging murderous thieves), the UK has become a nation of welfare slackers, second-generation drunks, council flat savages, and Jihadist splopey dopes.

Richard Littlejohn has had enough and lets rip with two (verbal) barrels. Read this to get a taste and then pop over and read the whole thing.

The first time it properly dawned on me that the game was indeed up was about 20 years ago in Blackpool, where I was covering the Labour Party conference.

As I made my way from the Clifton Hotel, opposite the main pier, past Yates’s Wine Lodge towards the Winter Gardens, at approximately 9.30am, I had to step into the road to avoid a family walking four-abreast on the pavement in the direction of the sea front.They were all breakfasting on fish and chips from polystyrene containers, washed down with what I seem to remember was Irn-Bru, in the case of the children, and Special Brew, for the parents.The whole family — mum, dad, son, daughter — was dressed in matching turquoise shell-suits and imitation designer-label trainers. They all had earrings. Each wore a baseball cap.

The father’s cap was distinguished by a plastic dog turd stuck to the peak, beneath a logo which proclaimed: ‘S***head.’

I can remember thinking to myself, as I watched them window-shopping at the pork butcher’s: ‘What chance have these kids got?’

As for the meanings of those odd words in the title of this post, here you go.

Glossary for this post

Pukka means ‘authentic’ or ‘first-rate’. Originates from the Hindi word ‘pakka’ meaning ‘substantial’. This word was originally used in the Indian colonies.
1. n. Limescale buildup, or other unsavory impurities.
2. n. Supporters or playing staff of an opposition football (soccer) team, generally of a local rival.
3. n. Anyone who contributes nothing to society, save for crime, disease and misery.
Splopey Dope
1. n. A suicide/homicide bomber.
2. n. A would-be suicide bomber who blows him- or herself up without causing any other damage.
3. n. Someone who explodes or bursts into flames for foolish or ill-thought-out reasons.
from: Splopey from “exploding” or “explosive;” and dope, a fool or a person addled by intoxicants.
Yob – a horrible or uncouth young man. From Backslang for ‘boy’.


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