Generous Obama’s Auntie Living in Public Housing

While multi-millionaire Barack Obama is living in a Chicago mansion he bought at a cut-rate-price thanks to Tony Rezko, and his brother George is living in a hovel in Kenya on a dollar a day, his beloved “Auntie Zeituni” is living in a Boston housing project. Generous Obama doesn’t give either one any money to help them out. But he does want the taxpayers of the US to help both them out. We the taxpayers would help out his Aunt, who works 6 hours a week as a “health advocate,” by giving her a tax refund that is bigger than her tax bill. In other words we’d give her an annual welfare payment. We’re already paying for her house. And given what advocates and organizers normally do, wheedle the government into paying for more and more and more, the taxpayers pay for her salary already. We’d pay for his brother George by paying nearly $800 Billion per year more than we pay now in foreign aid and ceding command over US forces to the UN. That’s more than the Paulson bailout every single year, given to dictators the world over so they can oppress their people and hire private armies. And it puts the US military in a subservient role to the UN! Some of that money in Kenya would go to Obama’s relatives like George. Some would go to fund the revolutionary activities of his cousin Odinga, who is trying to overthrow the elected government of Kenya.

Obama: Generous with taxpayer money. With his own: Not really. Plus, in favor of dictators and revolutionaries the world over.


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2 thoughts on “Generous Obama’s Auntie Living in Public Housing

  1. Holy cow! Aunti Z,
    Why’d you sneak into my country?
    Why not ask your nephew Zero
    To be your green-card granting hero?
    Instead you snuck. Live on the dole.
    For health care welfare you cajole.
    I don’t get it, Aunti Z,
    Why’d you sneak into my country?

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