Amen Sister! Preach it!

Wendy Button quits writing speeches for Democrats with a vengeance!

Now she knows why the neocons are hated so badly. Neocons are newly conservative; in other words they used to be liberal. Cults hate turncoats most of all. That is why the Democrat cult hates neocons, and conservative women, jews and blacks. Hate is a powerful emotion, and the Democrat cult has embraced it as the fuel for their engines with a fury that hasn’t been seen in America since that old Democrat Party militia known as the Ku Klux Klan roamed the south murdering blacks, Republicans, Jews, and Catholics. Yes, the Ku Klux Klan was a Democrat militia. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Update: The Democrats have their hounds out for Button, just like Sarah Palin, just like Joe the Plumber, just like Hillary Clinton, just like Clarence Thomas, just like Condoleezza Rice. Every time a woman or minority or working-class-Joe comes out against the Democrat cult Zero and the zeroes see red and they attack like a school of frenzied piranhas. They just are so tied to their narrative that claims conservative ideas are false consciousness. They think their own ideas, however little they have examined and tested them, are true, and that the opposite ideas cannot be. They don’t realize their own ideas are the falsehoods they fear.


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