Mississippi Voter Fraud Alert

We have it here in Mississippi too. It doesn’t only happen in Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, and Washington State. Madison County has 123% more registered voters than it has adult population. Combined with the lack of voter ID in Mississippi, this is a recipe for voter fraud. All you have to do is show up, know the name of someone who hasn’t voted (for instance by taking names from recent obituaries), and vote. Do this once in several precincts and you’ve stolen votes from honest, law-abiding people and will probably never get caught. Combine this with a corrupt poll worker or two (it could happen) and a small vote fraud organization could easily shift several hundred to thousand votes in a state. Combined with obvious sources of voter fraud, such as motor voter registrations of aliens and felons, and with aggressive disqualifications of military absentee ballots practiced in some places (though I don’t think this happens in Mississippi), the ACORN pattern of vote fraud threatens every state.

Did you ever wonder why Gore was so insistent that he was going to win his legal challenges in Florida in 2000? It’s because his team was certain they had cheated their way to victory in Florida. The Panhandle, or as we who lived there call it, Lower Alabama–the Redneck Riviera–held the state against the tide of vote fraud.

Diebold. Electronic voting machines without physical records. Massive voter registration fraud that begs for vote fraud. And thousands of lawyers are lined up to litigate every close vote. It’s going to be hard for anyone to trust the result of elections this year.

There has to be an answer.

We need to ink some fingers in the voting booths.


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