Why I don’t care about the post-VP debate polls

Polls primarily measure the previous week’s performance.

This is something I noticed after watching altogether too much American Idol (my wife loves it when we watch it together, and I love her enough to do it with her). Once the weakest contestants were gone, the voters for American Idol would punish the contestant who had the worst performance the previous week every time. I have no idea why this is so, but my wife loves those contest shows and it proves out on all of them.

Frank Luntz measures the VP debate viewers’ reactions as they watch the debate. Thus they are grounded in the moment and recall their actual experience in the debate. But if he polled them in the morning after they slept on it, they would average in their opinion of Palin from the Couric interviews and SNL routines and report that she hadn’t done as well. What Palin has to do to overcome this lagged judgment is step up her game, just like she did tonight, every single day. It’s like bowling strike after strike. The score adds up much faster when you are consistently strong. McCain too. Remember “Fight fight fight”? Get inside the OODA loop and stay there. They have to challenge the hostile assumptions in reporters’ questions, or artfully change the subject away from the distractions and other okey-doke* to the issues that matter.

And when the Democrats, especially Obama and his private thug army ACORN, are guilty of causing the subprime mortgage fiasco and preventing anyone with sense from fixing the looming problems McCain and Palin need to say so every time they are in front of a mike. They can make their message stronger by saying that Social Security and Medicare are going to be just like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, only much bigger, and are also being immobilized in a financial trap by Democrats. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not just a terrible thing that just happened. They are a harbinger of a much worse collapse to come. $55 trillion in commitments anyone? Who will pay? Not Rangel-Murtha-Jefferson-Pelosi-Reid’s incompetent, corrupt, do-nothing Congress.

Nota Bene: RE Distractions. Everybody can use those Obamaisms. “Distractions” is an especially good word to defuse a gotcha question, because in order to understand it you need to experience it, to become distracted to some degree, and that lessens and cushions the impact of the gotcha attack. That’s why Obama uses it, because he is hypnotizing you the listener.


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  1. the GOP wouldn’t dare schedule any more unscripted TV time for Palin, which says a lot about the party the VP they supposedly love so much…

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