O’Reilly v. Frank

America is not Rome. We have no Caesars. We have no emperors, no hereditary nobility. We do not have a mandatory state cult that worships the emperor, only the partisan cult of government in the Democrat party.

And instead of gladiatorial battles we have partisan so-called newspeople such as Katie Couric (D) and Charlie Gibson (D), and the equal opportunity populist firebreather Bill O’Reilly.

Frankly (heh), I think that Barney (D) deserves every bit of it and more. He was the primary patron and protector of Fannie Mae (D) and Freddie Mac (D) and the blame for the $700 Billion Bailout (D) hangs from his guilty shoulders. If he was Republican you can be sure there would be a perp walk in his future, because Democrats don’t hesitate to file criminal charges against opponents when they commit criminal acts, or even questionable ones.

When will Republicans fight using all the tools they have in their kit?


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3 thoughts on “O’Reilly v. Frank

  1. Ok, so Frank and the Dems bear some of the responsibility. What about the Repubs though? The 1999 passing of Gramm-Leach-Bliley allowed for the bulked together securities and “sell it quick, at a profit, to someone else who will do the same, and we’ll keep turning it over and over and over like this, because it’s never going to bust” attitudes to go unchecked. My point is this. The problem lies with both parties. In fact, the problem lies with the system. We have created a system where legislation, in order to get passed, often gets grouped together with other legislation that is politically nearly impossible to vote against. Legislation dealing with regulation and basic economic operating procedures for our nation are attached to bills that are congressman are afraid to vote against for fear of being called out on “voting against funding for (insert thing that everyone believes needs to be funded here)”, or “voting against a tax cut for (insert group here)”. It’s time to demand that legislation dealing with financial and economic matters MUST be passed on its own merit, and cannot be attached to other legislation. Otherwise, we continue to invite the same problems over and over again. It’s time to stop blaming sides, stop politicizing the issues, and fix the problem at the root. The economy effects all of us, whether Dem, Repub, or Independent. The bills that effect the economy, therefore, should be voted for on their own merit, and not attached to other bills in an attempt to play politics.

  2. I agree and disagree.

    First, I agree that legislation is out of control. Every bill ought to be read aloud in its entirety in both chambers before it may be passed, and that a quorum must be met in order to allow a bill to be read. No language could be added without being read in chamber. Imagine how much shorter bills would be and how much less room there would be for tomfoolery.

    Second, I disagree about the intent and effect of legislation. I think that most regulation makes things worse. Many if not most regulatory bills are actually legislative blackmail intended to extort money from targeted corporations in the form of campaign contributions for those who oppose or drop the bills. Did Microsoft deserve to be pilloried for lowering software prices for customers far below what its competitors used to get? Others are legislative favors to favored corporations as a quid pro quo for campaign contributions. Frank’s favors for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fall in this category. And yet others are idiot thrashing in search of yet another new solution to a problem that has been solved many times before, producing even more chaos than they intend to solve. See Sarbanes-Oxley.

    Third, congress must be aggressive about repealing bad laws, bad regulations, bad taxes, and useless government programs. The government must get smaller. It is not an unlimited full employment program for would-be Department of Motor Vehicles clerks and other passive-aggressive red-tape dispensers. The only way it will shrink is if the legislature makes it happen.

  3. It’s quite telling when Barney Frank finally lost it and started insulting O’Reilly and then denied he said something even though it was not only on video but on transcript as well. Barney is a lying, corrupt, slimey putz.

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