Ig Nobel Prizes for Scientific Jokers

Harvard University

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Dueling scientific studies at Harvard University and from a group of Taiwanese doctors proved that Coca-Cola was and was not an effective spermicide. A study from New Mexico proved that strippers get more tips when at their peak fertility. A study from Sao Paulo Brazil showed that armadillos make a big mess when they get into archaological digs. A study from Toulouse France showed that dog-dwelling fleas can jump higher than cat-dwelling fleas. A study from Duke University showed that expensive fake medicine is more effective than cheap fake medicine. Many ludicrous studies were eligible for IgNobel Prizes and these were some of the winners. Is “winners” really the word I am looking for?

What is truly astounding is how many joke studies were in the field asking to be raised to the Ignobility. Why are researchers and educators spending time on this piffle? Is this the next step after the successful leftist usurpation of the educational establishment; the wholesale replacement of all research and teaching with jokes?


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