Do-Nothing Pelosi Congress Thinks We are all Idiots

What is missing in Pelosi's flim flam bill?

Details missing from flim flam bill

That’s the only reason I can think of that the Democrats and 15 foolish Republicans voted for Pelosi’s Potemkin energy bill that doesn’t actually do much of anything to free up areas for drilling, while adding tons of new taxes and restrictions to prevent energy companies from making a profit. You know, if you prevent companies from making a profit from developing resources they won’t actually develop them.


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2 thoughts on “Do-Nothing Pelosi Congress Thinks We are all Idiots

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  2. This is so pathetic it isn’t even funny. They are going to shut down 90% of our oil reserves PERMANENTLY with this bill. Your title is accurate. They must think we are idiots. That’s okay though I guess. I think the same of them…

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