What is Obama hiding?

Ed Lasky lists some unknown parts of Obama’s life, focusing on the records that should be made available.

  • Undergraduate days at Columbia
    • transcripts
    • financial aid records
    • thesis on Soviet nuclear policy
  • Law school days at Harvard
  • Illinois Senate records
  • Medical records
  • Application to the State Bar
  • List of clients from his days practicing law (we know convict Rezko is one)
  • The Rezko relationship
  • Chairmanship of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge
  • Two very different attendance records at Trinity Church

To which we may want to add,

In the meantime, Obama’s organization, the Democrats, and the media (but I repeat myself) have dispatched over 30 lawyers, investigators, and researchers to Alaska to search for or invent dirt on Sarah Palin.

Why? Why is Obama playing such dirty politics?

What is Obama hiding?


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