More Sarah Psychosis from Democrats

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Sarah Palin has turned out to be a reliable idiot detector in Hollywood and the elite media. Today Pam Anderson, famous fur wearing PETA activist, demonstrated as filthy a mouth as she did in those stolen honeymoon videos and Matt Damon (aka cinematic superspy “Jason Bourne”) hyperventilated with panic over the thought of naughty librarian Palin facing Vlad Putin.

“I think there’s a really good chance Sarah Palin could become president, and I think that’s a really scary thing,” Fox quoted Damon, as saying.

“It’s like a really bad Disney movie. The hockey mom, you know, ”Oh, I’m just a hockey mom”… and she’s facing down (Russian) President Putin… It’s totally absurd… It’s a really terrifying possibility,” he added.

I’d like to see Palin negotiate against Damon’s agent for his next movie deal. He might have a newfound respect for her abilities.

Cintra Wilson wrote an incredibly vile and hysterical attack on Sarah Palin for Salon. It’s one of the worst I’ve seen yet.

Wendy Doniger, professor of the history of religions at the U Chicago Divinity School, charges that Palin is actually a man in this embarrassment. She is a Professor of Religion at a Divinity School and excoriates Palin for actually believing in her religion. What monumental irony and idiocy! At the end, I believe with this single awful article her reputation has deteriorated to Ward Churchill or Bill Ayers levels, and she has with her hostility to a living religion utterly disqualified herself to hold her job.

What is it with all these sexist Democrats? Do they really think that a woman can’t be powerful unless she is a lesbian, or patronizes abortion mills rather than maternity wards?


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3 thoughts on “More Sarah Psychosis from Democrats

  1. And the attacks are just going to get much, much worse. I just hope the backlash against those making the attacks, false accusations, smears, etc. (including the media) becomes huge.

  2. “Do they really think that a woman can’t be powerful unless she is a lesbian, or patronizes abortion mills rather than maternity wards?”

    Uhm, yes.

  3. You know, it’s even worse. Do the Democrat feminazis really think that a woman cannot be successful unless she is a caricature mix of a thug male and a hypersensitive female?

    does not take care of children
    does not want children
    is promiscuous
    is uncaring about others
    rejects all unmanly mannerisms
    will kill people, but not people in his identity group (thug males, e.g. death row inmates and enemy soldiers)

    must not be criticized
    psychologically unable to handle adversity
    high-powered slight detector
    remembers a slight forever
    multiplies magnitude or quantity of a slight by five to ten when recalling it
    runs to an authority figure (government) for relief from slights

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