More Hurricane Forecast Maps

Since Hurricane Gustav is on everybody’s mind down here in south Mississippi, I’m looking into the graphical depictions of the storm and conditions affecting it. Strictly for other amateur hurricane hounds, two more Hurricane Forecasting images that may help with predicting whether a storm will strengthen in the Gulf are the shear map and the potential heat map. First, the Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential map for the Gulf of Mexico.

Then the Atlantic Wind Shear Forecast map.



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3 thoughts on “More Hurricane Forecast Maps

  1. No kidding. Gas is selling out at a lot of the smaller towns. There is no water left at the local Wal-Mart as of tonight, nor D-cell and E-cell batteries. Mississippians who lived through Katrina have enough sense to leave town if it comes their way and they have the cars to do it without waiting to be rescued by an incompetent mayor. So Mississippians will get out, and afterwards, if there is even a pitiful little puddle in New Orleans then any devastation in Mississippi will be invisible on the news.

    We’ll get out in time and we’ll pick things up ourselves after it’s all done. That’s why the news won’t be about us.


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