Petition to Impeach Five anti-Constitution Supreme Court Justices

I may quibble with the wording of the petition, but I agree with the message, which is that the only recourse the people have to redress the crime the Supreme Court have committed against the Constitution with the Boumedine decision is to demand that the Senate impeach those justices who have flouted the Constitution and ignored their own precedents, all for some sort of “practical” solution to a dispute between those who deem prisoners at Guantanamo war criminals captured in war (and thus explicitly denied rights under the Geneva Convention) and those who see them as foreign nationals kidnapped by US soldiers for no good reason.

Go here and sign.

To: U. S. Congress


We the People of the United States, do hereby demand that our duly elected representatives in both houses of Congress, initiate impeachment proceedings against the following Supreme Court Justices:

We, the undersigned, consider the Supreme Court ruling in Boumediene et al. v. Bush, 06-1195, rendered June 12, 2008, not only unacceptable, but to be in criminal violation of the Justice’s oaths to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Be advised that We the People regard elected officials to be our public servants. Failure to take action against the Justices specified shall be considered support for the decision rendered in the aforementioned case, and will result in our resolve to ensure your defeat in the next election.

Being from myriad political and ideological spectra, we are united in our belief that foreign nationals or enemy combatants held at Guantanamo Bay DO NOT have a right to pursue habeas challenges to their detention.


The Undersigned


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