An Online Thesaurus that doesn’t suck

Since went and ruined their superb online version of Roget’s Thesaurus I have had difficulty finding a replacement that is as good as the original when it comes to returning a wide assortment of synonyms for use in writing poetry (where the rhythm and secondary meanings of the word are all-important) or for finding the perfectly appropriate word that is hiding out on the tip of my tongue. Let’s say I want to fix up this little rhyme.

Thanks to all the warriors over there
Who tread where even angels fear to stare

This is acceptable but I think that “thanks” is too simple and boring a word. And “stare” is the wrong word. “Watch” is better but doesn’t rhyme.

Bartleby has an interesting solution. “A blessing on the warriors over there” is what comes out of this search. Other searches are at the free dictionary, U Chicago old and new. I do not like the visual thesaurus.

The wayback machine has been blocked from answering queries against

Kevin Drum had a discussion about this not too long ago.

And the Winner of Best surviving online Thesaurus, is U Chicago. Better too many words than not enough.

At the end of this little exercise a few mental blocks got cleared and the result is a rhyme for Memorial Day.

A blessing on the warriors far from here,
Who tread where even angels dread to peer.

Good luck word searching, everybody out there. And God bless our troops!


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