Is texting the same as writing? ROFLMAO :)

According to a new Pew internet poll

  • 85% of teens ages 12-17 engage at least occasionally in some form of electronic personal communication, which includes text messaging, sending email or instant messages, or posting comments on social networking sites.
  • 60% of teens do not think of these electronic texts as “writing.”

About half of the students polled occasionally use informal writing styles in their school assignments. Somewhat fewer have used internet slang text acronyms like LOL, ROFLMAO, IIRC, FWIW, BRB, IRL, and BFF in school work. About a quarter have used emoticons such as 🙂 , 😦 and 😛 in school work.

Funnily enough, the Seattle PI which writes up this story seems to find it necessary to include a table of emoticons. See the right side.


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