Bruce Walker praises Ben Stein’s new movie, Expelled, highly.

Perhaps only Stein could properly portray the Kafkaesque persecution of scientists, journalists and other professionals who challenge the increasingly untenable proposition that an almost incomprehensibly complex mechanism — the living cell — could have evolved through the oafish mechanism of natural selection.

The object of hatred by the automatons of hoary Darwinism are not just those honest and open minded thinkers — some of whom are Christians, some of whom are Jewish, some of whom are agnostics — but also hated is the very idea of a Blessed Creator. Not only are these haters clear about the necessity of Darwinism to be true, even if it is not true, but they are equally clear about their lust to deconstruct morality and to reduce life itself to a meaningless treadmill.

Though the trailer on television is humorous enough, with Stein sitting in short pants outside the principal’s office, the online trailer is much more ominous.

Based on this trailer, the movie looks great! Can you imagine this, cultural conservatives and free-thinking research scientists turned into allies who must rebel against the soul-crushing forces of enforced uniformity in the universities and colleges? How did conservatives become the new counter-culture?

It’s not as unbelievable as it seems at first glance. I’m going to see it, and I’ll take my nine year old.


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