Computer Trouble

Sorry for not writing for a while. I’ve been having computer trouble with this box. I’m seriously thinking about using Puppy or some other Linux instead of the Windoze I’m using now. My concern is that photos might not download as cleanly and upload to our photo service as cleanly.

Any thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Computer Trouble

  1. Linux > all.

    Seriously though, get your Linux on! PCLinuxOS, Mint Linux, Ubuntu…anything. Just take the dive. Photos are photos. Downloads are downloads. Everything downloads the same, and photos look the same. I’m not sure what photo service you’re talking about, but it should work.

  2. Puppy Linux will be just fine. I use it whenever one of our Windoze boxes goes wonky. The only thing I do when mounting a Puppy session for the first time is to make sure I install the software I really want to use, like Opera Browser. Easy-peasy.

    An alternative might be for you to try Ubuntu. I’ve really only had one HP system that Ubuntu was difficult to install on, and I have never lost a Windows partition, if I told Ubuntu to keep it. The only issue might be if you don’t like the bootloader Ubuntu installs to allow Ubuntu and Windoze to coexist on your system.

    Email me with your Windoze issues and maybe I can help, or just recommend a Linux distro that might suit you. You’ll probably be happy with the newest Puppy, and since you can save your Puppy session w/o touching your Windoze install at all, at all, it might be your easiest bet. Never had a system yet that Puppy wouldn’t boot on. It even liked my Wonder Woman’s Toshiba notebook and builtin wireless card, way back at Puppy 2.11. *heh*

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