Call for Mississippi Republicans to cross over and vote in the Dem primary

There are only a few contests in Mississippi where there is a choice between Republicans. I call on Republicans in Mississippi, who are the majority, to cross over and vote in the Democratic Party primary. Vote for Hillary to help the Democrats party hardy as they approach their Recreate ’68 moment in Denver.

I wrote in 2008 Mississippi Primaries:

Project VoteSmart is a good site for those who, like me, want to find out who the candidates are in their home area. Click on the link and type in your 9-digit zip code.

Look for the democrats running against the Senators and in other races, and chase down the bios to find the weakest ones. Then vote for them. You know the Democrats would do it for the Republicans if they could. Wait… they did! That’s why we have McCain on our ticket!

If you can, be sure to vote for Shawn R. O’Hara. He’s a corker!


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