2008 Mississippi Primaries

Project VoteSmart is a good site for those who, like me, want to find out who the candidates are in their home area. Click on the link and type in your 9-digit zip code.

In Mississippi, there are only national races. Mississippi is one of those states that has the state and local races in the odd years, and national races in the even years. I think it’s a remarkably sensible plan. Now… In the presidential race, I’d vote for Hillary Clinton if I could cross party lines to do it. I think that the longer the battle lasts between Clinton and Obama the more good it does for McCain. In the legislative races, my crossover vote would be for Shawn O’Hara for Democrat Senatorial candidate, and for a write-in against Gene Taylor. I don’t have anything against Taylor, and I think he’s a good legislator for Mississippi. But every seat that can be given to a Republican will be important this year. The Democrats have made national politics a partisan brawl since 2000. It’s time for Republicans to fight back.

It might be interesting to explain why I’d vote for O’Hara. He is something like a Democratic Ron Paul or Mike Gravel. He’s run for every state position he can for many years. Let’s give him a shot at the Senate against Thad Cochran.

There are no choices to make on the Republican side. There is only one candidate in the races. I wouldn’t expect a big turn-out in the Mississippi Republican primary this year.


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7 thoughts on “2008 Mississippi Primaries

  1. It would be nice to see our team fight back for once, but what can they do when the person on the top of the ticket loves democrats more than conservatives? If he is counting on the moderates and the independents to carry him across the finish line, he has a rude awaking coming… (Good morning. 😉 )

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  3. Well, Beagle. Don’t forget to vote for Wicker in the November special election.
    Plus, I get to vote for a Congress-critter in next week’s primary for the Pickering seat.
    I’m leaning toward David Landrum.

    Glad to see another fellow Mississippian on WordPress.
    Adding you to my blogroll. 🙂

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